Who Am I?

Hi, welcome to my blog!

I’m a woman in my mid-20s, I live in a house near the south east of England by the coast. Currently living with my two grandparents and a very boisterous cocker spaniel. Growing up, I wasn’t the most confident person (putting it mildly), but as soon as I hit my mid teens, I got fed up with all the bullshit and I decided it was time for a new me. Someone with self assurance and confidence. It worked to an extent.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve searched for my calling in life, as cheesy as it sounds. And a lot of the time I thought I’d found it. Hairdressing, animal care, working with the elderly. But eventually I just got bored of it all. Until I discovered sex toys and it was something that actually made me happy. Granted, I wouldn’t actually say it’s a calling of some kind but I realised that being at one with my body and giving myself all the pleasure I possibly could, was something I’d finally found that made any sense to me.

I’ve learned a lot since the year I started experimenting with sex toys and various adult products and now I have a blog. I created this blog because I now know that using sex toys as a hobby is a real passion of mine and I enjoy it immensely and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, even though I’ve rarely felt truly happy in my life so far. Blogging about sex toys and the things that interest me is something I’m really loving at the moment, even though I started in February (on WordPress).

I have experience in reviewing and testing toys/adult products for a company named Lovehoney. I’ve been reviewing products for them since about mid last year and it’s been an awesome ride so far.

My blog isn’t just about sex toys/adult products, and sex though. I have many interests, main ones being horror films, books, video games and many other things. So I’ll making posts on those subjects and various other things.

This blog is ultimately about me, my experiences and my opinions. I hope you enjoy reading my current and future posts!