My Sex Toy Review Wishlist

Since I started blogging last year, I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on some products that I had lusted over for quite a while. Some turned out to be as good as I had hoped, others not so much. But as many of us know, the sex toy world is a huge pond. There are always new toys being released, but there aren’t always ones that appeal to me. But every now and then, I will see a toy or adult product that catches my eye, and my interest. Those products in question are what I’ve listed below, and I’d absolutely love the chance to review them. Not only for myself, but to share my experiences with my readers. So if you’re an adult company that is interested in sending me an item from this list, then please do get in touch!

(The items with a <3 next to them are the ones I want to try out the most).

Fun Factory Stronic G. <3

Iroha Yoru. <3

We-Vibe Bloom Kegel Exerciser.

We-Vibe Ditto Anal Plug. <3

Fun Factory Cayona. <3

Fun Factory Tiger. <3

Fun Factory Stronic Drei.

Crave Wink Plus.

Crave Duet Flex. <3

Toyfriend Snazzy.

Liberator Heart Wedge. <3

Pop! Ejaculating Dildo.

 Shilo by New York Toy Collective. <3

Nexus Ace Medium Butt Plug. <3

Nexus Revo Stealth (yes, I know it’s a prostate massager but I still want to try it!).  <3

Nexus Anal Starter Kit.

Nexus Gyro. <3

Chewie by Hole Punch. <3

CJ Hooker by Hole Punch.

Crotch Rocket by Hole Punch. <3

Pure Pop by Hole Punch.

Mother Interior by Hole Punch.

Fluke by Hole Punch. <3

Evolver by Hole Punch. <3

VixSkin Lonestar by Vixen Creations. <3

VixSkin Outlaw by Vixen Creations. <3

VixSkin Randy by Vixen Creations. <3

Vampire Gloves. <3

 Blue Crystal Kiss by Crystal Delights.

Pineapple Delight by Crystal Delights. <3

Pink Kitty Delight by Crystal Delights. <3