My Kinks and Fetishes


“Oh Grandmother, what a big cock you have!”


So this post was suggested to me (except the added fetishes was my idea) by my newly mutual sex friend.. Whatever the fuck you want to call it, she’s amazing and completely awesome, supportive and helpful in my new blogging journey. Go check her out sometime!

OK onto my kinks and fetishes. Since I’m not that experienced sexually yet, I don’t have exact kinks but there are some things that I want to try and things I fantasise about doing, so here they are. They’re not ranked from most favourite to least favourite, but maybe you can guess which I like the best? 😉

1. Knife Play/Blood Play:

I’m a girl who’s obsessed with knives and blood. Don’t ask me why because I honestly couldn’t tell you. Well, I could maybe explain it to some extent. When I was growing up, I had a morbid fascination with vampires, and no not the sparkly Twilight variety, the real ones. Like Dracula..and..Blade? Yeah, Wesley Snipes was hot as fuck in that film. But anyway, I always thought they were really sexy, as a lot of tween/teen girls before me. But I was more on the freaky side of it. I mean, I somehow doubt the reason why girls were into vampires was because of them being vicious supernatural beings who liked to rip into the flesh of women, sinking their sharp fangs into delicate flesh. But that was why I liked them, especially if the film in question was particularly gory. Or that one scene in Interview with the Vampire, where a prostitute gets bitten on the top of her breast and she seems extremely turned on by it until she looks down and sees the front of her dress soaked with blood. Yeah, I loved that.

But what about knives? Well, knives come in all shapes and sizes. Just like.. Well, you know. I just think in general they are really sexy, except for fucking butter knives. I love the glint of steel and the perfected edges and the sound they make when they’re being hit against a hard surface..

So what exactly would I want to do to act out knife and blood play? Well, since knives and blood are quite related, I think I’ll let your imagination run wild on that one.. But just so you know, I have no desire to mutilate someone. I’m not a psychopath.

2. Orgasm Denial/Delay:

Now, I’ve never actually done this to anyone but myself, but it fucking rules. I love to be masturbating, close to orgasm and then just make the vibrator I’m using go onto the lowest speed again and let up the pressure on my clit. The result is such a powerful orgasm that I see stars and pull muscles in my back and feet from all the arching and curling.

3. Sexual Role-play:

As a kid, I was always big on dressing up. In any costume basically and Halloween was my second favourite time of the year, a close second to Christmas. And I just loved being someone else for a night, putting lots of silly or scary make-up on and acting out a part to make my costume seem more authentic. So, as an adult I’ve frequently fantasised about role-play in certain costumes to act out a scene of some kind. My main fantasy is where I’m dressed up as Red Riding Hood, I’m in the woods with a little basket of dildos, vibrators and lube and my boyfriend is slowly going from tree to tree in a werewolf costume, watching me. And then at the right moment, he’ll strike, ripping my dress to shreds, pinning me down on the woodland floor, ready to fuck me.

“Oh Grandmother, what a big cock you have!”

4. Spanking:

Yeah this is a really common fetish/turn on, I know that. But I just have to add it to my list. When I get spanked, either really hard with a bare hand or an object like a ruler, I get insta-wet. As quick as insta-mash. See what I did there? But yeah, I love being spanked. I prefer to be spanked with a hand because it feels more personal and intimate than an object. I actually do think it’s something I could orgasm from alone, and that’s saying a lot. Bring on the spanks!

5. Suits and Belts:

I don’t know what it is about this one. Maybe it’s the fact I like a well-dressed man on the outside, but a fierce dom underneath all that finery? Perhaps. But the sound of a belt unbuckling just makes me go weak at the knees, even if it’s not being unbuckled for sexual reasons. But a man in a sexy suit with a leather belt and some sexy smelling aftershave on..oh man I’d probably just faint right there on the spot!

6. Domination and Rough Sex:

Another extremely common one, but it’s just so good! Being dominated is such a fucking awesome feeling and again, insta-wet! I love having my hair pulled and being pounded from various angles and positions, mainly doggy style as it’s easier for my G-spot to get the pounding it deserves. And you know what else? I scream when I’m being fucked extremely hard from that position, so that’s an added bonus!

So that’s my list for now, basically all I can think of at this point. If I suddenly think of any more I’m into/interested in, I’ll add it to the list. Stay tuned!