Guest Review: Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse With Remote

~I received this product from Hot Octopuss for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any effect on my opinions on this product.~

First of all, I would like to extend my thanks to thebrunettereviews for not only arranging for me to be able to do this review, but also for getting me into sex toys in general. It had been an area of sex I had not explored before she introduced me to them, and I am happy to repay that with this review. That said, it should be obvious that I am still relatively new to the world of sex toys, so please excuse any inaccuracies or sense of naiveté I may express. Now, the Pocket Pulse!

First Impressions:

The packaging for the Pocket Pulse is rather impressive, a shiny-foil copper box, just big enough for the product and accompanying extras, yet classy in its style and presentation. One side is adorned with a list of selling points, another the brand manifesto Hot Octopuss is known for, the third a tastefully censored picture that succinctly shows how the Pocket Pulse works and the last a detailed picture of the product itself. Inside, you are greeted by a simple plastic insert containing the Pocket Pulse, its monogrammed silk bag, accompanying remote, USB charging cable and a nifty little user manual.

I was unaware that there were options for penis vibrators that were not insertables, but I was impressed immediately by the design and the idea behind the Pocket Pulse. The Pocket Pulse itself is a silicone device, save for the plastic back, which contains the motors, and a firm silicone strap folds up and over the silicone interior in an arc. The plastic back is shaped perfectly to fit within the palm, with two buttons on either side in easy reach of the fingers: a + and a -, which serve the functions of turning the Pocket Pulse on and off and adjusting the speed of the motors. The instructions included are detailed and neat, detailing how to use the Pocket Pulse, how to clean it, and how to replace the battery in the remote. Each instruction is presented in twelve languages, from English to Japanese, Russian, Korean and more, and if your language does not appear, the detailed diagrams will easily explain anything you are unsure of.

Two features of the Pocket Pulse that impressed me the most are that it is 100% waterproof (its discreet charging port is something I spent a good few minutes gushing over when initially discussing it) and that it boasts a hands-free experience, which excited me to no end, as I’m sure any penis owner out there seeking sexual pleasure would be at the prospect of making little to no effort (I am a pretty lazy person, so…) Overall, it is discreet, well-presented, and definitely intriguing, if you are used to masturbators, as I am.

My Experience:

Preparation for using the Pocket Pulse is pretty simple: lube up, switch on, and go. The box and user manual do say that the Pulse can be used “flaccid or erect”, however I might argue that this isn’t entirely true, as the Pulse itself is rather weighty, comparatively, and though it can be used to achieve a full erection, it will require some hands-on stability in order to do so.

This, I think, is the biggest con to the Pocket Pulse: its weight. Now, obviously it is pretty difficult to bring the size and weight of the motors necessary to create products like the Pocket Pulse down to the point where it can be as small as it currently is – and its size is definitely impressive, as I have already mentioned – however, despite the claims of a hands-free experience, I found each time I used it that I did need to hold myself upright in order to keep the Pocket Pulse in its place. It is also not a toy you can use standing up without holding it, as the downward force will pull your penis at an angle that is uncomfortable, and possibly cause it to slip off entirely.

The Pocket Pulse is designed to slip over the head of the penis and sits just below it, with the lower motor stimulating the shaft and the upper motor working on the underside of the head. Even with the water-based lube of your choice, I found that it stayed in place pretty well, with the curved arm being just about the right circumference for me (I have a pretty average sized penis) and the small silicone pad at the top of the base (adorned with the Hot Octopuss crown logo) sitting under the head. The motors are turned on by holding the + button for two or three seconds, after which the motors will begin vibrating at the lowest of its five speed settings, which is a deep, slow rumbling. Each time the + is pressed, the speed increases until it reaches the highest setting, which can be best described as a buzz.

Personally, I found that keeping it on two or three was perfect for a gradual stimulation, which would allow me to reach orgasm within about fifteen minutes (sooner if you are using other stimulation, such as porn). If I wanted to speed up the process, switching up to four or five was good, but tended to leave a slightly unpleasant tingling sensation afterwards, almost like a minor burn, but this would fade after half an hour or so. For a more rounded experience, I found that cycling up and down through the speeds as my body reacted to it was a good experience, and this is where the remote comes in handy, as you can do so at will using it, though the design of the remote could use some improvement, as I found that sometimes I was not able to press the button properly without using my fingernail. The buttons, which are made of the same soft silicone as the band and base of the Pocket Pulse, are larger than the actual nubs inside, which can be inaccurate as to where your thumb is.

Ultimately, the orgasms I achieved using the Pocket Pulse were usually pretty deep, as the constant stimulation tended towards a slow build up, that ends in a strong ejaculation, however it is not a toy I can use at any time, as the motors tend to be quite loud, especially once you hit the third setting. If you want to use this when other people are in the house with you, they had better already know what you are doing, or else you may be facing some awkward questions. Clean up is also something left entirely in your hands (possibly literally) as you can tell from the design, but it is nothing different from any standard masturbation session that doesn’t involve a masturbator.


Overall, I have suggested the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse to everyone I can, as it is a wonderful experience that I think everyone who is looking for a different, and somewhat easier (read: lazier) orgasm should try out at least once. I have used it many times, and will definitely continue to do so, and the inclusion of the remote means that it could also be used as part of couples play, as well as alone.


– Neat, discreet design.

– Great, powerful stimulation.

– Easy to use.


– Weighty, requires that you hold it up.

– Loud on the higher settings.

– Remote design could do with reworking.

Where To Buy?

You can purchase the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse with Remote here.