IMTOY Gazelle Review

~I received this product from IMTOY for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

It’s been a long time since my last review, I just had so much going on and things kept getting in the way of things. But now, things have settled down a little so I’m back and I’m starting February off with a review on a lovely little toy – the IMTOY Gazelle! Let’s get into it!

First Impressions:

I think if you’ve read a few of my reviews, you will have realised that I have a pretty big fetish for packaging, and let me tell ya, I was pretty much orgasming over the packaging for the IMTOY Gazelle.  A lovely cream coloured and sturdy box with a little image of a gazelle on the front. Inside the box is a user manual, the IMTOY Gazelle and a charging lead. It’s all very neatly packaged and it looks more like a box of stationary you would find in a bookstore rather than sex toy packaging, so I think it’s perfect for gift giving.

The IMTOY Gazelle is a really attractive toy and doesn’t look intimidating at all. Dusty pink in colour with some of the most smoothest silicone I’ve ever felt – I honestly just want to stroke it all day and move the toy all over my skin! I also love the rose gold USB port, it’s a great addition to the pink. The Gazelle takes roughly 2 hours to charge, which will give you 45 minutes of play time.


The Gazelle is marketed as a wand, but it’s not like any wand I’ve ever seen before. It’s not nearly as large as a traditional wand, and it’s not small enough to be classed as a mini wand, either. In addition to those things, the Gazelle offers both broad stimulation and pinpoint stimulation so you can actually pop off the ‘horns’ if you like. I think this is a great feature as it gives you the option and I think it’s great that you can experiment to figure out what kind of stimulation you prefer.

The IMTOY Gazelle has four vibration settings, and eight different patterns to play around with. To turn on the Gazelle, hold down on the button, and it will buzz once to let you know its on, and the LED light will begin flashing. Press the button once again and the Gazelle will start on the lowest vibration setting. I’m being a little bit nickpicky here but I don’t like how there’s only one button to cycle through all the settings. It’s annoying to have to press it each time to get to whichever vibration setting or pattern you want, and then have to do the same thing again if you want to increase/decrease the vibration. Other than that, I absolutely love the design of the Gazelle so having a single button for everything is only a slight flaw really.


My Experience with the Gazelle:

 I adore the IMTOY Gazelle. I’m not even sure why, either. It’s not the rumbliest or strongest toy I’ve ever felt, but all I know is that my clit loves this thing. If you had told me that the Gazelle will become my new favourite toy, I would not have believed you, mostly because I’m so picky when it comes to vibrators. I don’t own many wands either, and I’m in the minority when it comes to them because I prefer pinpoint stimulation over broad stimulation, so wands just aren’t really my favourite kind of vibe. The vibrations with the IMTOY Gazelle are more rumbly on the lower settings, but lean more towards the buzzy end of the vibration spectrum. This might not be to everyone’s tastes, and I definitely didn’t think it would be to mine, but it most certainly is.

With the Gazelle, things have kind of changed, and now I’m wondering if it’s because the Gazelle just works so well for me, or if my preferences in stimulation are just changing. I say this because 90% of the time, I’ll take the ‘horns’ off, and I actually prefer to use the Gazelle without them. Regardless of how I use the Gazelle, the orgasms it gives me are always deep and so fucking satisfying – they leave me sleepy and hungry. I can even orgasm on the second lowest setting, and that almost never happens for me, I usually have to be on the highest setting.

The App:

 Yes, the IMTOY Gazelle can be controlled via an app. I did kinda sigh when I discovered this as I really couldn’t care about using an app to control a vibrator because I feel like I just don’t have enough control and I prefer to use a toy manually as it’s just easier for me and, well, I’m lazy, so I’d rather not mess around with an app at all. However, the app, aptly named Zoo, isn’t all that bad, even if none of the features it offers are really my thing.

So one of the features of the app is ‘draw your own vibration’. With your finger, you can make any shape, symbol, letter, etc. then just tap the pause button, and your IMTOY will follow whatever you’ve drawn, vibrate accordingly, and then repeat the process until you tap the pause button again, which will stop your IMTOY from vibrating. Oh, and if you’ve ever seen that one episode of Friends, then you will understand why I drew a seven.

In the Zoo app, there is of course, more patterns. Sixteen of them, in fact. If you’re someone who loves patterns in their toys, then you’re going to be spoilt for choice here! You can actually select up to four patterns at a time, and your IMTOY will go through them, then repeat the process after the last pattern you’ve selected. Tapping the pause button will stop your IMTOY from vibrating. Personally, I hate patterns, so this feature isn’t my thing at all but I’m sure the right person would love it.

Ok so when I saw the ‘voice and kinetic interaction’ feature, I cringed slightly. This is when things start to get gimmicky and why I just don’t have any confidence in apps for sex toys. In this feature, you can control the vibrations by talking into the microphone or shaking it. Again, this really doesn’t appeal to me and I just don’t care for that sort of thing, but like I said before, it’ll appeal to the right sort of person. You can also use audio or video files to control the vibrations.

Lastly, there’s a neat little slider that allows you to increase or decrease the vibrations. Similar to a slider on an iPod. I can actually say that I think this feature is something that would appeal to most people and it’s actually something that makes things easier when controlling your IMTOY with the app.


Overall, I love the IMTOY Gazelle. It does have the issue of only having one button to go through each vibration and each pattern, but I can easily overlook that since I love it so much. The app is lost on me since I only control toys manually and apps just annoy me, but I know many people would enjoy the app. I think that some people might find the Gazelle to be a little under-powered, and sometimes I do too, but it’s enough for me most days. At £65, I find it to be pretty fairly priced and I highly recommend the IMTOY Gazelle.

Where To Buy?

You can purchase the IMTOY Gazelle here.