B-Vibe Trio Plug Review

~I received this product from Good Vibrations for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

 Hey everyone! It’s been so long since I wrote a review, like, not far off from two months. A lack of motivation plus having some mental health issues really isn’t the best combination in the world. I feel a lot better now, and I’m also happy to be writing a review on something that I previously had never experienced before – a vibrating butt plug! This is also my first ever review on a butt plug so please bear with me!

First Impressions:

The packaging for the B-Vibe Trio is really attractive, sleek and clean. An outer sleeve features the Trio on the front, as well as some general information down the side and across the back. Remove the sleeve and you’re greeted by a lovely, heavily lidded blue box with a magnetic flap.

Inside the box there is a plastic, black zip case and a user guide. Unzip the black case and the Trio is stored in a plastic shell along with its remote. I’m being (probably) overly picky here, because I prefer a storage bag for toys rather than a case because cases take up more space – but that’s just a personal preference. I’d say the packaging isn’t all that discreet because of the Trio pictured on the front of the sleeve, but all in all, the packaging is beautifully put together and it’s definitely nice to see a company go the extra mile with packaging!

I’m not experienced with butt plugs at all, so I was a little nervous about the Trio as I wasn’t sure what it would look like in person. I had no reason to worry at all. It falls into the ‘just right’ category. It’s not too big, or too small. It has 4.3 inches of insertable length (5.3 inches overall), and a diameter of 1.25 inches. I also absolutely love the silicone on the Trio. It’s so silky smooth and soft, plus it’s also seamless!

The only thing that kinda disappoints me about the Trio is that it’s only splash-proof, so it can’t be submerged in water or used in the bath. Normally, I wouldn’t care too much about this sort of thing but this is a butt plug, hygiene is an absolute must. So while I can clean the Trio with soap and water under a running tap, I have to be extremely careful when doing so.

The Trio can either be operated manually via the button under the base, or by using the remote. I should point out that the Trio has a travel lock, which you can activate by holding down on the power button for a few seconds. It has eight vibration speeds and nine patterns. There are three motors within the Trio – one in the neck, one in the middle, and one in the tip. The Trio is charged via USB (yay!) and there are two contact points under the base for the magnetic charger. I kinda hate magnetic chargers because they’re so easily dislodged and the charger for the Trio isn’t really an exception, but I can easily overlook that.

As I mentioned before, the Trio can be operated via its wireless remote. Made from plastic, and it has four buttons to play around with. One in the middle to turn it on, plus and minus buttons for increasing and decreasing the vibrations, and a button for the patterns. Before you’re able to turn on the remote, you have to slide off the cover at the back, and then remove the piece of paper. The remote takes one CR2032 battery, and I know I’m nit picking here but when does anyone really have a button battery around the house? Because I know I don’t. The remote can be used for up to 30 feet away so if you’re wanting to use this with a partner, either in the comfort of your own home or in a public area, it’s most definitely possible with the remote!


My Experience with the B-Vibe Trio:

 I honestly had no idea what to expect with the B-Vibe Trio. I had tried maybe three or four butt plugs in the past, but they were all quite small, and I think all but one were made of glass. The Trio was also my first plug that vibrated so it was all a new experience for me. Was it a good one? Fuck yes it was!

Normally I douche before I try something anally, but I felt I didn’t need to as I had a good poop earlier in the day. I coated the Trio in a decent amount of water based lube (Sliquid Sassy if you were wondering), also massaged a little back there, and slowly pressed the Trio into my butt. I found that it made things easier if I pushed out with my muscles as I pushed the Trio further into my butt, and took some deep breaths. Overall it was a painless experience to insert the Trio, which I think is a combination of me taking things slow and easy, and the fact that the Trio has a lovely tapered tip.

Previously when I used an anal toy, I always seemed to rush myself and that just resulted in me feeling sore and uncomfortable so it was never a great experience. Slow and easy is definitely the key to using a toy anally, as well as a lot of lube. I didn’t feel a ‘pop’ once the Trio was fully inside me, so I kinda had to feel around to make sure it was all in. It felt extremely comfortable, it didn’t feel like it was about to fall out at any point, and while the base is wide, it didn’t rest uncomfortably between my butt cheeks at all.

Once I got used to the feeling of the Trio just sitting inside me, I turned on the remote. I really didn’t think my butt would like vibrations much, if at all, but it loved them. The Trio has some really lovely vibrations, they’re rumbly and quite powerful. Because the Trio has three motors, the vibrations could be felt all throughout my butt, and I could even feel them through my vagina! I don’t think I’m a person who can orgasm just from a butt plug and nothing else stimulating me, but I will say that the more the vibrations rumbled through my butt and vagina, the more turned on I felt.

After a while of playing around with the different speeds, I decided to use a vibe on my clit to see if that would make the sensations more intense.  Long story short, it was fucking amazing! I could feel my sphincter muscles clench over and over around the plug, which made everything so much more intense and I had one of the best orgasms I’ve ever experienced. I also found that my butt really loves the patterns the Trio provides, which honestly just shocked me because my vagina and clit hate patterns.

I also inserted a dildo into my vagina while the Trio was still inside me, and although it was a really fun experience, I noticed that the Trio had a tendency to slip out a few times so I had to reach back and push it back in. Not exactly a deal breaker but it did kill the mood a little as it distracted me too often.


I feel a lot more confident about anal play now, thanks to the B-Vibe Trio Plug. It’s the perfect size and length for me, it feels extremely comfortable and the only time it fell out is when I was using a dildo. I love the vibrations and patterns, and the remote makes things a lot easier than just reaching back to go through each setting. In my opinion, the B-Vibe Trio has something for everyone, even if you’re a veteran when it comes to anal toys. But if you feel that you want to start off with something smaller, B-Vibe has another plug – Novice. On the other hand, if you feel like the Trio isn’t as big as you would normally prefer, they do something on the larger side – Rimming Plug. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with the Trio Plug and I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more anal toys in the future!

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the B-Vibe Trio Plug here.