ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Electro Jiggle Balls Review

~I received this product from ElectraStim for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

I love jiggle balls. They make mundane things fun, especially when it comes to riding a bus that seems to jerk with every little bump in the road that it passes. So not only are they beneficial to your health, but they’re also pleasureable for a lot of people. But what about electro jiggle balls? Yeah, I hadn’t really heard about them much either until I noticed the ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Electro Balls. You can imagine my excitement when ElectraStim agreed to send me the Lula Balls for review, along with one of their stimulators – which you need to power any of their electrodes. Long story short, I’m completely in love with the Lula Balls!

First Impressions:

I absolutely love the ElectraStim packaging. It’s clean, simple, and gender neutral. There is some info on the back of the packaging on how electro stimulation works with the Lula Balls, about ElectraStim’s Silicone Noir range (which you can check out here), how to use the Lula Balls with an ElectraStim stimulator and how to use them without one.

The Lula Balls are made from 100% platinum cured medical-grade silicone, which feels quite soft and smooth but they are a bit grabby and they pick up a lot of dust. There is a free roaming weight in the top ball (jiggle ball), bi-polar electro-conductive contacts in the bottom ball, and a flexible connecting cord. Maximum length (excluding cord): 95mm (3.75 inches), maximum diameter: 36mm (1.4 inches) and maximum circumference at the widest point: 5.45 inches. The Lula Balls weigh 90g.

 As I said before, you do need a stimulator from ElectraStim to make any of their electrodes work. Any stimulator you want to choose is fine, I was sent the Flick EM60-E – which works beautifully with the Lula Balls and I shall be reviewing it soon enough.

The Lula Balls take 2mm pin connectors and after cleaning the Lula Balls, please make sure that the inputs are completely dry, inside and out, before connecting them again.

My Experience with the Lula Balls:

 The first time I tested the Lula Balls with the Flick, I became addicted. The first thing I thought was damn, I’ve never felt so much pleasure from a toy that isn’t rubbing against my g-spot before’. I was just so surprised, I didn’t expect to fall in love with the Lula Balls, but I did. The sensations from the Flick are just amazingly deep and I feel them all through my vagina and along my vaginal walls.

I did read some reviews on the Lula Balls before receiving them myself and a few bloggers had commented that they’re a little bit difficult to insert because the connecting cord is so flexible that they have to insert one ball at a time. I experienced the same at times, but I think once I got used to inserting the Lula Balls, I didn’t find it that awkward.

There are 24 intensity settings with the Flick and although I generally love how they feel, I will say that I didn’t feel anything at all with the Lula Balls on the first few settings, I think I had to ramp up the Flick to about intensity setting three or four before I could feel anything. I’m not sure if that’s just because of my body or if it’s because of the Lula Balls themselves. Regardless of the reason, it’s not something that bothered me because the third or fourth setting I was on, was fairly gentle and gave me some great muscle contractions. So not only do the Lula Balls give my pelvic floor a workout, which is what they’re supposed to do, they also make my orgasms more intense. Win win!

Since using the Lula Balls countless times with the Flick, I have been able to ramp up the intensity fairly high, around eighteen or so. Compared to when I first started using them, where I could only get up to about six or seven. So I think the Lula Balls are great for training your body for e-stim, or even train it to ‘up’ your pain threshold as the Flick can make the Lula Balls hurt if you want them to. It’s not an extreme pain by any means but it’s definitely there – my vaginal walls felt a little sore after use. It’s like a mixture of muscle contractions and prickly tingles.

There are some days when I prefer to just have my muscles contracting, which is great during an orgasm as I can feel things more intensely. Then there’s other days where I want the Lula Balls to hurt me a little, which is also great during orgasm so you get quite a lot out of them with the Flick.

 I think the only real compliant I have about the Lula Balls is that without a stimulator of some kind, they’re not exciting. They don’t really roll around all that much, least not compared to some other jiggle balls I’ve experienced. The user manual also states that you need to use the Lula Balls 20 minutes per day to eventually see some results. I this is more of a con than a pro because most jiggle balls say to use them around 10 minutes per day. A lot of people just don’t have the time or the patience to do their kegels 20 minutes per day.


I think the Lula Balls are just fantastic once connected to a stimulator. The sensations go through really deeply into my vagina and I love how I can make them feel a little painful if that’s the mood I’m in. As just regular jiggle balls, they’re not that exciting so I would definitely recommend purchasing a stimulator to go along with the Lula Balls as not only do they feel really pleasureable as an electrode, they also make your muscles contract so your pelvic floor is getting that workout that you want!

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Lula Balls here.