E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble XPE Pack Review

~I received this product from E-Stim Systems for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

 Ever since I tried my first electro stimulation product the Mystim Sizzling Simon – which you can read my review of here, I was hungry for more. I wanted to experience other e-stim products, it’s something I never expected to love. But I do. This is what lead me to contacting E-Stim Systems, and they kindly sent me the ElectroPebble XPE Pack to review. Such wow! Much excite!

First Impressions:

 I think the E-Stim Systems packaging is honestly quite unique. It’s not anything I’ve seen previously and it really does the job for storage and also discretion. The outer sleeve features the ElectroPebble and some extra info on what else is included in the XPE pack. It can be slid off easily so if you just left the case laying around, it wouldn’t look out of the ordinary at all. Besides the ElectroPebble, inside the XPE pack is a medium sized electro egg, two conductive rubber cock loops and four self adhesive electro pads. There’s also a very informative user manual, two connection cables and a PP3 battery for the ElectroPebble so you can get started straight away.

The ElectroPebble

 I’m in love with the design of the ElectroPebble. It’s a little hard to judge in pictures when it comes to some products so I wasn’t expecting to be as compact as it is, definitely a pleasant surprise. As you can see, there are three controls on the ElectroPebble. Level A and B control the output level for the left and right sockets that are on top of the unit. The ‘adjust’ control allows various adjustments to whichever mode you’re using. The two ‘arrow’ buttons are to go through each mode. The ElectroPebble has two channels with their own independent control so you can use two electrodes at once and set each one to its own intensity. Cool, huh?!

My most favourite thing about the ElectroPebble is how there is a feature called ‘lifeline’. It shows the battery level of the unit, current mode and a cycling pattern when the outputs are active. I don’t know about you but I find things like this to be extremely helpful and it also allows me to use the ElectroPebble in the dark extremely easily, saves on having to fumble around like I so often do with most products I use.

There are nine modes to explore with the ElectroPebble, so you’re definitely spoilt for choice here. Pulse, Flo, Split, Bounce, Audio, Milk, Squeeze, Tease, and Torment. I’ll go into a little more detail about some of them once I’m discussing the electropads and the electro egg, but the modes all feel quite different from each other.

I overall love how simple it is to use the ElectroPebble and how user friendly it is. I know a lot of people are often intimidated by electro stimulation and I can totally understand that as I still get that way whenever I try a new e-stim product, but the fact the ElectroPebble is so user friendly, I have no problem with recommending it to people new to e-stim.

The only thing I dislike about how the ElectroPebble functions is the damn battery. I’m really not familiar with PP3 batteries at all and it was a little frustrating to get the battery in the compartment, also a bitch to get it out as well.

The Electropads


Would you be surprised if I told you that I had never tried out electropads until I got the XPE pack? It’s true, I hadn’t really felt the urge to use electropads before and they’re not something I’ve really ever given a second look. Why? To be honest, I’m not quite sure. They look like they could fit right in with a medical roleplay (which is something I’m just dying to try out), so it’s strange to me how I was never all that interested in electropads. But try them I did, and they were great!

The electropads come in a reusable plastic bag and are attached to a plastic sheet for protection. They are monopole so they have to be used in pairs. The electropads can be applied anywhere that isn’t above the waist so just please try to remember that for your own safety! According to the user manual, the closer the electropads are together, the more intense the situation. I can confirm that that is completely true! The pads are not meant to touch each other, though, so just be aware of that as well when applying them to your skin.

When removing the pads, make sure that the level controls are turned down and the ElectroPebble is turned off. The pads are resuable so you can just slowly peel them off your skin and place them back onto the plastic sheet for next time.

So, now that I’ve got the safety info out of the way, which mode(s) did I find worked best for me? Well, I firstly applied the pads to my inner thighs as we all know that’s a fairly sensitive area for a lot of people and I’m no exception to that. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with my first experience with the ElectroPebble because e-stim products are actually quite different from each other and I was a little nervous, but in an excited way.

The first mode I tried was Pulse and it’s fairly simple, it feels like a sort of rippling sensation. Not painful but it’s very pleasant and I did really enjoy it on my thighs. Bounce mode is one of my favourites and it’s just where the outputs bounce from one side to the other. My other two favourites were Milk and Squeeze. Milk is a pulsing output that gradually speeds up and then slows down again. Squeeze is slightly similar, but instead of slowing down, it stops and then starts again.

I also applied the electropads to my pubic mound, which didn’t feel vastly different but it was still a very enjoyable experience for me. I overall think the electropads are great and provide a lot of varied sensations. I feel like the ElectroPebble provides a more prickly sensation than other e-stim products I’ve tried, but it also makes my muscles contract, which is the best part in my opinion. Each indivual mode can cause some slight pain if you want them to, they start to prickle more intensely as you increase. I think this is great because it can also appeal to someone who prefers that kind of intensity. There really is something for everyone with the ElectroPebble.

Another great thing is how they don’t make my skin all sticky once I’ve removed them, and they’re also painless to remove. I have pubic hair and body hair on my legs so I was expecting it to hurt but I was definitely pleased to find that it didn’t.

The Medium Electro Egg


 The medium electro egg is what made me the most excited about receiving the XPE pack. I adore products like this, and I was pretty curious to say the least! The egg is weightier than I expected but that’s definitely a good thing. Super shiny and cold. Mm. You know how much I love cold toys. The medium electro egg is a bipolar electrode so it can be used on its own. Simply plug the jack into the ElectroPebble and away you go!

 I went through all the modes and to be honest, the only ones I really liked with the electro egg were Bounce, Milk and Squeeze. The rest just didn’t really work for me at all. I’m also not sure why this is, but it’s really difficult to feel anything with the medium electro egg. I had to turn up the intensity pretty damn high before I felt anything. When I did feel something, the sensations were pretty amazing, I have to say and when I used an external vibe on my clit, I had a pretty explosive orgasm. The medium electro egg can also be used anally but I only used it vaginally.

Overall, I had a great experience with the medium electro egg but it took a fair amount of fiddling around with the ElectroPebble to figure out how to get the sensation I wanted from it. I don’t necessarily find this a negative thing as experimenting is great, especially with e-stim. I did find what I wanted in the end, it just took some time.

The Rubber Conductive Cock Loops


Unfortunately, I can’t give you my opinion on the cock loops as I don’t have a penis or a partner with a penis.  But, I can tell you that they’re very flexible and can be used either as a pair or in combination with another electrode.


As a whole, I think the XPE pack is pretty great. It’s excellent value and the varied modes are really impressive. Like I said before, there’s something for everyone. From the newbie, to the experienced. The only thing I would say is that I wish the medium electro egg felt more intense sometimes and I sort wish the sensations the ElectroPebble provide were a little less prickly but that’s really just down to my personal preference. Bottom line, I think the E-Stim Systems XPE Pack is a lot of fun!

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the E-Stim Systems XPE Pack here.