O-Wand + Attachments Review

~I received this product from O-Wand for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

Its been a while since I last actually wrote a review, but I kinda started to miss it so I thought I’d start with a written review on The O-Wand! I never review wands, in fact I think this is the first review I’ve written on a wand for my blog. I don’t like to review them often because wands provide mostly a broad type of stimulation and not much else, which is why I’m not crazy over them like so many people are. Nevertheless, I was quite curious about the O-Wand as the company state that it’s possibly the most powerful wand on the market. After all my thorough testing, did I find that it was to be the most powerful wand in all the land? Not exactly, but let me explain a little more..

First Impressions:


Anyone who has read my previous reviews, knows that I’m such a sucker for luxurious packaging and the O-Wand does not let you down in that regard! A beautiful outer sleeve is what you’re first greeted by, slide that off to reveal a sturdy box with a magnetic flap. Sat snugly in a foam insert ,which is covered by a rose gold coloured tray, is the O-Wand, and an included attachment – the O-Burst. There’s also a user manual, a box with the charger and some international plugs inside. It’s overall very stunning packaging and I’m so impressed that O-Wand went the extra mile with it all!


I have to say, I’m absoutely in love with how beautiful the O-Wand is. It’s made from extremely silky smooth silicone, ABS plastic and it features a loop handle that just makes it so much easier to hold, which I’m extremely grateful for that because it weighs 714g! I’m really glad that O-Wand thought about making it an ergonomic design given how hefty the wand is. It’s also waterproof so if you like to use vibrators in the bath or the shower, then you most definitely can with the O-Wand. I myself don’t, but a toy being waterproof makes it a lot easier to clean.

There are three controls situated along the handle end of the O-Wand. The power button to turn the O-Wand on/off but it also acts as a travel lock, which you just activate by holding down for a few seconds and then repeating that action to turn the O-Wand back on – the controls will light up red when its turned on. The middle button with the ‘squiggle’ is to operate the patterns and the button with the arrow pointing up is to operate the speeds. This is slightly nitpicky of me but I really dislike how there’s no ‘down’ button to be able to go back to another speed, you have to go through them all with the speed button to get to whichever one you like etc.

The O-Wand has 11 settings in total, 4 of which are continuous speeds and 7 patterns. I’d recommend charging up the O-Wand before use, just to avoid it dying on you mid-wank. I thought that it would take a really long time to charge from the weight of the wand but it only took just a little over an hour to be fully charged.

My Experience with the O-Wand:

 Is the O-Wand really as powerful as it sounds like it would be? Well, yes and no. I don’t have a lot to compare it to as I’m not a regular wand user and the only wand I truly love is the Doxy (the original if you were wondering), which isn’t a fair comparison as the O-Wand is rechargeable, whereas the Doxy is mains powered. So in terms of a rechargeable wand, yes. The O-Wand is quite possibly the most powerful. But if it was mains powered, I’d be giving you a big fat ‘no’ right now. Despite the O-Wand not being the most powerful wand I’ve experienced, or even the wand with the best vibrations, I do think it’s pretty great in general to be perfectly honest.

The vibrations are quite rumbly on the first speed and also fairly mild, which I also think is great for someone who prefers vibrations that aren’t too strong. I know that many people would love a wand but a lot of people find them far too strong to use, so they generally avoid purchasing a wand. For me personally, I can’t orgasm on the first speed as it’s just too mild, but I can see it being satisfying for many people.

The speeds beyond the first one are more on my level. I crave my power as many of you probably know by now, especially when it comes to a wand because of the broad stimulation. I overall find the O-Wand to satisfy me most days, but I sometimes find myself wanting more from it, particularly when I’m on the fourth speed as the further up in speed you go, the buzzier the vibrations get. I would normally complain about that but the vibrations still hold some rumble to them so I don’t mind too much.

I didn’t really care for the patterns as I need continuous vibrations to be able to have an orgasm, but there is a varied amount so if they’re your thing, I think you’re pretty spoilt for choice!

I did think that because the O-Wand has a loop handle, it would grant me some quick and easy orgasms, but that isn’t how my experience went down. Holding the O-Wand by the loop handle makes it very difficult for me to apply a decent amount of pressure to my clit, which is something I need with any toy to be able to achieve an orgasm easily. So unfortunately, the handle is wasted on me. I’m only able to apply a lot of firm pressure to my clit with the O-Wand by holding it towards the head, which works great. It’s after I’m finished do I notice a problem with that method. My hand was reduced to a claw shape after I left go of the O-Wand, my fingers and my hand were just aching pretty painfully for a few hours. I think if my clit wasn’t so fussy, then I’d have no problems holding the O-Wand the way I’m supposed to. But sadly, it’s a fussy little bitch.

 My Experience with the Attachments:

The O-La-La

I’m actually extremely grateful I was able to test the attachments as well as the O-Wand because without a certain favourite attachment, I wouldn’t care about the O-Wand all that much. That favourite attachment is called the O-La-La. It actually has three features to experience – a cup with a little nub inside, three ripples graduating in size on top and some bumps around the other side. Only one side works for me, but I don’t even care because it’s just so good!

I think you can kinda guess which side is my favourite, can’t you? Yup! The cup! It mostly provides broad stimulation but I love the little nub inside, it rubs up against my clit in just the right way. Plus I can also make it pinpoint by moving the edges of the cup along my clit and vulva, which is just such a delicious feeling. And you know what else? I don’t have to press down so firmly with the O-Wand when I’m using the cup side of the O-La-La. Which means no claw hand! This is how I ended up loving the O-Wand.

 The rest of the O-La-La attachment is a lot less exciting for me. I felt nothing at all from the ripples on top, and the bumps were just too harsh on my clit. I love texture internally but my clit is pretty sensitive to it, I often feel raw if I use something textured on my clit and the bumps on the O-La-La were no different.

The O-Burst (included with the O-Wand)

I’m just gonna be blunt and tell you that I hated this attachment. It’s fairly similar in my opinion to the bumpy side of the O-La-La. The O-Burst left my vuvla feeling incredibly sore after use and my clit was having none of that rough texture. I mean, the bumps are really soft and smooth but on my clit, it feels like a whole different story. I’d say if you know you can take a lot of texture on the more sensitive parts of your body then the O-Burst could work for you but I personally just hated it.

 The O-Spot

The O-Spot isn’t my favourite attachment as I find that the shaft is too short to really do anything for me, but I do like how it can be used anally as well as vaginally, although I didn’t use it anally, I just like the fact that it’s versatile that way. There are some ridges below the shaft, which I think could be great for external stimulation but I personally just wasn’t a big fan of them.


The last attachment is one I couldn’t review as it’s a stroker. I don’t have a penis. I kinda wish O-Wand had checked with me first because I don’t have a partner either, so I’m sorry to not be able to provide you with my opinion on the O-Gasm. But do a quick Google search and you’ll be able to find a few other bloggers that have given their thoughts on this attachment!


I can’t say I love the O-Wand, because I don’t. I like it just an average amount on its own. But when I’m using the O-La-La attachment (cup side), I find the O-Wand to be pretty awesome. It’s a shame that most of the attachments didn’t work for me but I think a lot of people will be happy with them, and the fact that the O-Wand comes with a free attachment, is just great! But I think the issue that most people will have with the O-Wand is the price. It’s £199, which is basically £200. That’s a lot of money to spend on a toy for many people and I personally don’t think it’s worth that much. Especially considering that each attachment is £20 so if you wanted to get them all in one go, it would be a pretty costly purchase.

Overall, I liked my experience with the O-Wand once I figured out what worked for me, but I don’t think it will have a permanent space in my ‘go to’ toy box.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the O-Wand and its attachments here.