Guest Review: Tenga Air-Tech Twist (Tickle and Ripple)

~Tenga provided both these products for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on the opinions on this product.~

I was kindly provided a couple of free review products from the new Tenga Air Tech Twist set, one of the tickle variety and the other was Ripple, set up by the lovely Brunettereviews. I’ll be covering these two toys in the same review as, aside from some differences in the textures, which I will be going into later in the review, they’re very similar. They both use a vacuum effect to simulate a strong sucking sensation and they both have the same interesting twist to them, that is that they literally twist to alter how the toy feels allowing you to tweak them to your exact preferences or allowing you to switch up mid masturbation for a sudden sensation change.

Each toy can be twisted into 1 of 5 positions of varying tightness and pressure, which certainly leaves a lot of room open for an adventurous user to explore and experiment with, or if you’d prefer not to experiment then you’re still bound to find one of the settings that works best for you. Each twist feels distinct and has a major impact on the feeling of the inner textures on both toys, so you’re almost getting five toys in one for each of them. Each twist position is marked by a small line, it’s actually pretty hard to tell what setting you’re on at a glance, while using this product I usually ended up “feeling” which setting I was on rather than using the markings on the twist at all. Personally I ended up just using my favourite setting each time rather than jumping around between them all, though I did enjoy the shifting sensation produced when swapping between settings, it felt like the cup had taken a particularly firm suck of my cock. When I gave myself a particularly rapid succession of twists felt like I was revving up my own orgasm and it turned out to be one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had.

Both products come in a little capsule, one end twists and the other pops off to reveal the fun part of the toy. The inner sleeve revealed is made of the same high quality body safe antibacterial elastomer that Tenga use in most of their products, I personally love this soft spongy stuff but if you’re not a fan then it may be best to look elsewhere to sate your twisted desires. While you can use this toy without lube, it’s a lot of trouble and detracts from the overall experience. Once you’ve had your fun you’ll need to clean the toy, initially I was intimidated by the bulky capsule but you can actually remove the inner sleeve to ease the cleaning process which, once removed is much the same as any other toy. It was a little fiddly to get back in but it was only mildly frustrating which I’m willing to forgive with a toy this good, this may not be a problem for at all since I’m notoriously ham handed.

Both the Tickle and the Ripple have this kind of segmented design where their internal textures are split into mini sections that differ from the others, in the Ripples case these differences are minor and not hugely noticeable while you’re using it. The tickle on the other hand has stark differences between each section, It’s like a buffet, only it’s for your cock and it ends in more orgasms, allowing you to sample numerous different textures with each stroke.

The Ripples wave like pattern offered a consistent pleasurable sensation from the tip all the way down my shaft and while tight, it never felt like some twisted demonic entity had taken a hold of my cock and tried to crush it in a vice like grip, for me that’s a good thing, if you’re into that you might need to look into a more specialised line of toys.
The Tickle’s wide variety of exciting sensations comes with one minor problem, the more variety there is the more likely it is that you won’t like one of the textures. I found that some of the bumps in the tickle were a bit too severe for me and made me feel a bit uncomfortable, though not uncomfortable enough to hinder any orgasms that tickle kindly provided me. This was especially noticeable on the higher tightness settings and I think overall the Tickle is a somewhat tighter toy than the Ripple which may also have contributed to my discomfort on the tighter settings.

I’m used to smaller and more flexible toys than these so getting used to the capsule was a bit of a hurdle for me but once I jumped that, I came to love these toys, they are both fantastic and have quickly become some my favourites in my admittedly small collection of toys. I prefer the Ripple over the Tickle as the inner texture is more appealing to me but this is a personal preference. I’d recommend these toys to anyone who enjoys a good sucking sensation and a tight toy. When it comes to choosing which one to go for then I’d say, if you want to play it safe, go for the Ripple. The Ripples textures are a bit basic but they work wonders when it comes to rubbing you in the right places. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want a more varied experience then the Tickle might be the best bet for you, the wide range of textures will offer you an exciting ride.