Pin Up Couture Cutiepie O6 Shoe Review

Hi everyone! Since my first video review got such a great response, I decided to do another one – but on shoes! They were sent to me for free in exchange for a review from LatexLeatherandLace, so thank you to them for that. I hope you all enjoy the video review!

Interestingly enough, I hadn’t ever reviewed shoes before until LatexLeatherandLace had offered some to me for review, so I was pretty excited about that! In my video review, I mention how the Cutie Pie O6 heels are really quite comfortable, given how tall they are. I love how well they fit, considering that my feet are a size 7 – 8, but often with heels, some sandals and some flat shoes, I have to get them in a size 8 because I have fairly wide feet.

The Cutie Pie 06 shoes are a really great fit and allow my feet to breathe, a lot more than I expected. But not only are they are a great fit, they also look incredibly adorable – I adore the colour/polkadot print. Check out my video for a more in depth opinion!

You can purchase the Pin Up Cutiepie O6 shoes here.