Guest Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo by Kitten Boheme

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Okay, feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t it feel like most of the toys that are currently available for penis masturbation are all pretty much the same? Sure, you have some stand-out products/manufacturers (like Tenga, for example), but overall, it seems to me that if you’ve tried one sticky, “skin”-like TPE sleeve, you have probably pretty much tried them all? Right? And I’d say many of the toys currently available for penises are toys that are trying to mimic the feeling of a vagina, mouth, or butthole, which is not something everybody is looking for. There just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of variation in the market (again, correct me if I’m wrong… obviously I don’t personally have a penis, everything so I don’t know  available, but I’m going off of what I’ve seen most readily available.), that is at least until Hot Octopuss came onto the scene with the first Pulse and what they marketed as the world’s first ‘guybrator.’

Now, while I think that the title is super cringeworthy and right up there with the ‘Womanizer,’ I think the innovation was sorely needed. I do feel pretty strange calling vibrations an innovation, since I and my clitoris get to experience vibration with nearly every sex toy we try, but it does seem like many penis owners do not think to (or have the opportunity to) experience vibrations while masturbating. And with so many vibrators being marketed towards women, I can imagine some men shying away from the experience all together.

 First Impressions:

When my Pulse III Duo arrived, I was super excited. I tore into the packaging and found a shiny gold box with a British flag (Hot Octopuss is a UK based company) and a hot, tattooed, bearded fellow… the packaging alone is almost sexy enough to make me orgasm… Gold and shiny instantly make anything look 100% sexier. Inside the gold box I found the Pulse III, a wireless remote control, a black storage bag, a magnetic charging cable, and the manual. Of course, we all know I don’t read manuals and I instantly threw that back into the box. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants sort of gal (although I will consult the manual if things seem to not be going as expected, and usually I find I’m at fault…). The Pulse III is made from ABS plastic and 100% silicone and is completely waterproof. And if you are the sort of person who cares what color their sex toy is, I think I would call this navy blue. At first I thought it was black, but when held against the black storage bag it definitely looks more blue.


The main body of the Pulse III has a pair of silicone wings that grip the penis and help keep the toy in place, they are also flexible enough that the Pulse III should be able to accommodate a fairly large range of penis girths. Although, if you have a wider than average penis, then I could see that it might be a tight fit. The Pulse is designed to slide onto the underside of the penis and sit just below the head, near the sensitive frenulum. Of course, every penis is a snowflake, and will respond to different intensities and pressure in different places, so feel free to situate it wherever feels the most pleasurable to you, I’m not going to stop you.

My Stunt Cock found the Pulse III most pleasurable when flipped to the topside of his penis and the vibrations directed onto the glans. The Pulse III can be used on either an erect or flaccid penis. So, not only is the Pulse III a great way to get the party started (I watched my Stunt Cock’s penis go from soft to hard in what felt like seconds flat.), it’s also perfect for people who have erectile dysfunction, as you never need to achieve an erection, the Pulse III can make masturbating pleasurable for a flaccid penis and bring it all the way to ejaculation! The Pulse III is also an excellent toy for those with spinal injuries and grip and mobility issues. The Pulse III can also be used with or without lube. If you are going to use the Pulse III as a stroker, I recommend adding a bit of lube because the silicone does tend cause some drag and it is hard to achieve a good stroking motion without it. If you are using the toy hands-free or in a static position, lube is not necessary.


The Pulse III is available in two different models, the Solo and the Duo. Both are essentially the same toy, with the Duo being the more couple-centric version (although I’m pretty sure any toy can be a couple’s toy if you are using it with a partner…) The Pulse III Duo features a second motor on the underside which adds another level of vibration that is meant for a couple to enjoy together. So, in a penis and vagina sort of team, the man would place the Duo on his penis and his partner would then straddle and grind against the Duo. It sort of reminds me of teenage dry humping while your parents are out of the house. With the Duo there is also the addition of the wireless remote which allows you to control that second motor independently from the toys main pulse plate, so the “rider” can adjust the vibrations to one of the three constant speeds without having to mess with the main body of the toy. It’s pretty handy.

 Experience with the Duo:

It is kind of a fiddly toy, granted I am not the bearer of a dick, so I am just going off of what my Stunt Cock has relayed to me, but on the first couple of uses, he had a hard time finding a position where it felt truly pleasurable (although once he did find it, he found the Pulse III to be a pretty enjoyable toy). On his first try with the Pulse III my Stunt Cock and I didn’t get the “wow” factor we were expecting and he nearly proclaimed the toy a dud. But we picked it up again a few days later and gave it another go, and while we still didn’t reach “holy cow” I think he got closer to orgasming with it. But, you know what they say, the third times a charm! Finally, it clicked and we got our “wow” moment… okay, it was actually more of a “oh, that’s kind of nice” moment. So, do not despair if you didn’t achieve an amazing orgasm the first try. Like us, it might take you a bit of time to figure out how to make the Pulse III Duo best work for you.

Now, as a couple’s toy, I personally did not find the Pulse III Duo super amazing to use. The stimulation was spread out far too broadly for me and those secondary vibrations were just not powerful enough for me to even think about reaching an orgasm. The more I masturbate and experiment with toys, the more I have come to realize that I usually need pinpoint stimulation to reach an orgasm, so just looking at the broad body of the Pulse III Duo I knew this toy wasn’t going to work for me. But, it was fun to grind against the Pulse and add a little extra visual show for my partner’s benefit! It wasn’t an awful experience, and I can see this maybe being a fun foreplay toy, but if I were to just use this, I would be left pretty unsatisfied.

But, I did find other ways to use this as a couples toy that didn’t involve me grinding on it in any way! I was able to hold the Pulse III Duo and stroke my partner’s penis, also since the head of the penis remains outside of the toy I was able to lick and tease it while stroking the shaft with the Duo, and I imagine even more fun can be had by playing with the testicles or his ass. So, even if the grinding bit doesn’t work for you, you can still get creative and find something fun to do together! I saw one blogger even recommend giving 69-ing a try while using the Duo… that sounds like it could be an adventure!

When I first heard about the Pulse, my mind immediately went down the BDSM route, I thought about how fun this toy could be if used with my partner in the submissive role, tied up, blind-folded, and forced into orgasm with the Pulse vibrating away on his penis. That reason alone is why I was so excited when I was offered the opportunity to review the Pulse III Duo. With an erect penis, the Duo works pretty spectacularly as a hands free masturbator… I get so many deliciously Domme ideas when I’m holding this toy. I just wish that the entire toy could be controlled via a remote, I would love the complete control over my partners orgasm, being able to give or take away the vibrations… teasing the poor hungry cock until it is begging for release. Wait… am I writing a review or erotica here? Ahem… excuse me.

When I sent my Stunt Cock off to use the Pulse III alone, he had a really hard time turning this toy on. Which totally boggled my mind. Maybe this is because I’m used to how vibrators work and buttons are not a foreign concept to me, but man did he struggle… I’m almost embarrassed for him (of course I’m still going to tell the whole internet about it). But incase there is an pandemic of people unfamiliar with how buttons work, let me break it down for you… On one side of the Pulse III there is a single button, hold it down to turn the toy on, and when you are ready to turn it off again, just push and hold the button until it turns off.

On the opposite side of the Pulse III are a (+) and (-) button, which controls the intensity of the toy. Hold down the (+) button for 1 second and you will activate turbo mode (which just seems like the highest intensity setting.). You can also turn the toy off by holding down the (-) button. The buttons are kind of stiff and hard to push and I could see my Stunt Cock struggling a bit with slick, lubed up hands as he tried to adjust the settings. The Pulse III Duo features six preset vibration modes, as well as the afore mentioned turbo mode. My Stunt Cock described the vibrations as being pretty deep and rumbly with most of the sensation being concentrated wherever you position the PulsePlate on the inside of the toy.

I love the magnetic charging cable, I’m excited that more and more toys are trending towards magnetic cables. I’m also pretty jazzed that the charging cable seems pretty strong and stable once attached. Bumping or gentle knocking of the Pulse didn’t seem to dislodge the cable, the toy just kept on happily charging while I abused the poor thing, seeing what it would take to knock the cable off. Unless you knocked the toy off a table or pulled on the cord, I don’t think any accidentally bumping will interrupt the charging. To reach a full charge it takes about four hours and you’ll get about an hours worth of playtime per full charge. I have had to charge my Pulse III Duo twice now, so it does run down fairly quickly… another reason this toy does not work for me to ride and grind against, I would need much longer than that for it to ever bring me near orgasm in that way.


The reviews I’ve seen thus far for the Pulse III have been overwhelmingly positive, and I’m inclined to agree with the herd here. The Pulse III is very unique and it is exciting that there are new innovations coming out in the Penis toy market. Sure, I’m guessing Rosie Palm and her five sisters have been getting the job done just fine, but I think you owe it to yourself to branch out a bit and try something new. Although, if you only like the conventional, up and down, hand-job motion, the Pulse III may be a weird adjustment for you.

If you are looking for a couples toy, I’m not sure I would enthusiastically recommend it, it didn’t work for me in the intended ride-along way. But, if you are open to making other options work, you can turn this into a decent couples toy. I’m pretty excited for every penis owner to try the Pulse III out and experience something fun and different, even if you end up not liking it… you can’t say it wasn’t worth the experience! Even if you don’t have a partner at the moment, I would still recommend purchasing the Duo over the Solo, I think having the option of the extra vibrations is worthwhile. My Stunt Cock found turning on the secondary vibrations to be very pleasurable even while using the toy solo.

Ready to give the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo a try? You can purchase both the Pulse III Duo and Solo directly from Hot Octopuss.

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The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo was sent to me free of charge by Hot Octopuss in exchange for my honest review.