Guest Review: Tori Black Fleshlight

Ah masturbators! I’ve had a few over the years and every single one has been fun for about 5 minutes before I eventually realise that they’re either not actually much of an upgrade to my hand, are single use so not a sustainable option, messy or (and this one is the worst) make a horrible squelchy sound that could disturb the dead and somehow makes you feel a complete loser for using it. Consequently male masturbators, whilst they’ve always held an appeal to me, have never hit the mark for long.

And it is for these reasons that I resisted the urge for a Fleshlight for so long. “You don’t get on with masturbators” I told myself, “they never prove to be worth the money” I’d say, “it’s over £50!” I reasoned. Then soon I’d counter with “but they look awesome” or “they’re supposed to be the holy grail of male sex toys” and I’d end up not knowing which way to turn or what to do so I’d always end up doing nothing.

Then one day, about 6 months ago, I took the plunge.I saw a great deal on a Tori Black Fleshlight and decided the time was right to take my masturbation hobby to another level.

First Impressions:

Waiting the next few days with a horny anticipation I tore off the packaging when I received it through the post (helpfully it had arrived on a rare day off for me) to reveal the toys retail packaging beneath. I was…uninspired. We live in an age where dildos and vibrators are now things of beauty rather than sex toys. Objects that would look just as at home ornately sat on a mantelpiece as they would pleasuring lady parts and that come packaged in boxes that make iPhones cry in jealousy. Fleshlights, however, do not.

Fleshlights come packaged in a thin box with some writing on and a picture of the attractive/heavily made up porn star whose pussy the Fleshlight has been modelled on. Not that this is particularly bad of course, I didn’t buy it for the box after all. It’s just not exactly shouting “premium” at this early stage in proceedings.

Undeterred I went on and un-boxed my new toy. Inside I found, besides the inevitable toy, a bunch of leaflets displaying all of the other models of Fleshlight, advice on how to care for my new toy (oh joy, maintenance) and information on how I can lay my hands on all of the overpriced added essentials for a Fleshlight (more on that later).

The toy itself, aesthetically, even 6 months into ownership I have mixed feelings on. The inner sleeve is made from “superskin” which feels sexily soft to touch and fortunately doesn’t have that pungent rubber smell that many masturbators do. Inside the sleeve are many ridges and bumps that differ depending on the model you’ve purchased (mouth, pussy or ass) and are designed to provide sensations according to that orifice and, speaking for the pussy version, this works amazingly well.

Externally, the inner sleeve for the pussy models is a perfect replica of the porn star you’ve chosen and is surprisingly realistic to look at to the point where I wanted to lick it (I didn’t) but once you’re inside there’s no difference to other models that I’m aware of. The mouth and ass models are moulded on generic mouths and asses I believe so there is less choice on models.

So far this is all very positive but it’s the Fleshlight casing that holds the inner sleeve when in use that I have issue with. The cheap hard plastic is exactly that, cheap and hard, and really lets the toy down in both look and feel. Despite the cap concealing the inner sleeve when not in use it is very ineffective in making this a discreet toy. It isn’t. If someone sees the Fleshlight in your drawer they will instantly know what it is just like they would if they saw a 14″ black rubber dildo. Using a higher grade plastic or other material would have really lifted the toy in quality for me and would have also assisted in making it look more discreet. But enough of the aesthetics, what’s the toy like? Well, in short, amazing.

Experience with the Fleshlight:

You’ll need plenty of water based lube as superskin obviously lacks the self lubricant your standard female pussy has and the information recommends you run hot water through the sleeve to warm it up before use. Once you’re going though it really feels like an actual pussy and provides an amazing feeling that I’ve never had with other masturbators.

Because the toy is quite large (about the size of a hand towel rolled up) it allows you to use it in alternative ways than your basic jerk motion. For example, positioning it between something like a pillow and the bed allows for you to thrust into it which really adds another dimension of pleasure. One of the accessories available is a shower mount that allows you to use the Fleshlight hands-free fastened to the wall of a shower. I’ve not tried this (yet) but I’d love to get one.

I mentioned before about my pet hate of masturbators squelching noisily and, depending on the amount of lube used, the Fleshlight is also guilty of this to a degree. However, at the top of the casing is a screw cap that can be used to alter the level of suction on the toy and I have found that adjusting this also lessons the noise to a tolerable and often unnoticeable level which is excellent.

After use, you enter the clean up phase which is a pain for any man that’s used to normally just wanking into a tissue. This is also where female toys have the advantage in my opinion. For dildos and vibrators the cleanup can often just mean a rinse and a spritz of cleaner before a wipe down. For a man there is jizz to consider. Depending on how tight the cap is on the casing after and also how long your penis is (and therefore how close the deposit is to the end) the spunk remains within the Fleshlight. This means cleaning away your mess is usually just a trip to the bathroom to run hot water through the sleeve which is mercifully easy. The information recommends never using soap or perfumed products on the superskin as this can destroy it, lots of hot water is the key.

The problem comes when trying to dry the Fleshlight. I am yet to find a way that works other than allowing it to air dry. This means that the toy is not the toy to use if you’re expecting company any time soon as it takes longer than you’d think and you won’t want to be putting a wet toy back in your wardrobe in a hurry I doubt. Consider this if your masturbation habits involve a quick wank whilst the Mrs is down the shops. She’ll spot the drying Fleshlight I promise.

But it’s not just cleaning that the Fleshlight requires, its maintenance too. In order to keep the silky softness of the superskin and ensure it doesn’t become sticky and tacky you’ll need to powder the inner sleeve regularly. You could buy the official Fleshlight powder for around £10 for a small packet or you could buy a massive bag of corn flour from the supermarket for about £1 since its essentially the same stuff. You decide. Think of this task as like polishing your shoes though, it’s fiddly and messy to ensure the powder/polish gets everywhere it needs to and takes a considerable amount of time but the result ensures a better looking and feeling toy that will last a whole lot longer.


Overall, the Fleshlight provides an amazing masturbation experience that stimulates the entire penis and produces a satisfying orgasm every time. It’s easier to clean than most masturbators but the drying time stops it from being a toy “for a quickie.” The maintenance is the only real negative though so if you’re okay with that then the Fleshlight should be an essential for a man that enjoys his masturbation.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Tori Black Fleshlight here.