Lunette Cup Giveaway! ENDED!

Hello everyone! I’m pretty happy to announce that I have (in my opinion), a pretty cool giveaway! At the moment, I’m crazy over menstrual cups. Granted, I’ve only tried two so far (Mooncup and the Femintimate Eve cup), which I’ve reviewed and you can check out here. Also have the Divacup which I’ll be reviewing soon! The menstrual cup is an alternative use to menstruation, it’s a silicone cup that is folded, inserted, and then it pops open and you can just go about your day while it collects the blood.

It’s extremely comfortable in use, you can’t feel it all once it’s inserted properly. A menstrual cup can also hold more than a tampon so it allows you to wear it up to 12 hours! A menstrual cup is definitely one of my most favourite things ever, so don’t pass up the chance to use one, even if you’re a little bit squeamish!

 I recently contacted Lunette to see if they’d be willing to let me review the Lunette Cup. They enthustically agreed to send one to me, but also agreed to a giveaway for not one, but two Lunette Cups! Lunette are also including some cup wash and cupwipes along with the cup itself, which is very generous and kind of them.  The two winners will be able to choose a Lunettecup from the five colours (clear, orange, purple, yellow and blue).


If you haven’t ever tried a menstrual cup before, or if you have, you might be wondering what makes the Lunette Cup so different from other menstrual cups. Well, I can’t tell you from personal experience at the moment, but there is some key features that makes the Lunette Cup different.

Dimensions: The Lunette Cup actually has different dimensions than other menstrual cups. It’s slightly shorter in length than other brands, which allows for maximum comfort. If a cup is too long, it will protrude, making it uncomfortable to wear. When a menstrual cup is inserted properly, it shouldn’t be felt.

Consistency: The Lunette Cup has two models. Model 1 is smaller, but also softer and squishier which benefits younger users, users new to menstrual cups or tampons to make insertion easier. Also benefits women with lower sensitive cervix’s or if you have a sensitive bladder. Model 2 is more on the firm side. Personally, I’ve requested model 2. I’m only 23 but I feel more comfortable about model 2 as I was using tampons from the age of 14 till around 21 or so.

Smoother rim: Now I have the Mooncup and the rim isn’t as soft as I’d like so the fact that the Lunette Cup has a smoother rim, it sounds like it’ll be better for my body!

The stem: The stem on the Lunette is flat and flexible so if you prefer to leave the stem intact for peace of mind, it won’t be able to be felt as easily. Also, because the stem is firm, it won’t harbour any blood or bacteria.

Air holes: The air holes on the Lunette Cup are larger, which means easier cleaning!


As I’ve already mentioned, the Lunette Cup comes in five different colours, which apart from the standard clear colour, they’re all bright and pretty which if you’re younger or new to menstrual cups then it makes the whole idea seem less scary and more inviting!

 This giveaway is open worldwide! Good luck to everyone entering!

Contest Rules:

Must be 18 (I know that teenagers can use a menstrual cup but my blog in general is 18+ because of the subject matter).


Winner will be chosen randomly.

Winner will be contacted via e-mail and will have 24 hours to respond. If there is no response within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected.

The Lunette Cups will be shipped directly to the winners from Lunette.

Lunette Cup Giveaway!