Jopen Key G-Spot Comet Wand Review

~I received this product from Love Yourself Online for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

For quite a long time, I’ve wanted the Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand. Why? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I mean apart from its appealing colour (robin egg blue, pink or lavender), it doesn’t look extremely unique from other G-spot toys. But yet, I wanted it pretty badly! I’ll put it down to how highly it’s rated among well-known bloggers. Plus, I’m also on the hunt for toys that can stimulate my G-spot in the way that it wants. So did the Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand live up to my high expectations? Oh hell yes!

First Impressions:

I do have the packaging somewhere, but I haven’t come across it yet. It’s probably hidden deep within the packing boxes in my room (I’ve recently moved house). Normally, I would have searched for it but as I’m currently in a writing mood, I just had to type up my review now, despite the lack of packaging pictures. But from memory, I can tell you that the packaging is quite stylish. If it wasn’t for the Jopen Key being pictured on the front, you wouldn’t think that the packaging is for a sex toy at all!

 I did mention in the beginning of my review that the Jopen Key comes in three colours. Pink, lavender and robin egg blue. Love Yourself Online only have the robin egg blue colour available, but you know what? That makes me quite happy. So often I see sex toy companies stock a product in the usual pink or black, even when there’s more interesting colours available. Which is a good business move as a lot of people prefer colours they see more often, like pink or black. But there are a lot of us who prefer the unusual colours for sex toys, I’m one of those people. You can see how gorgeous it is, even if blue isn’t really your thing. I also love how simple the Jopen Key is in its design. Slightly curved shaft, bulbous head for the G-spot action and some soft swirls? I guess you could call them that. Overall, the Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand has some lovely simplistic beauty.

Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand. Slight curve. Bulbous end.

Don’t laugh at me here, but before I got my hands on the Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand, I honestly thought that the handle was glass and the other end was firm but slightly squishy silicone. What I didn’t realise is that it’s all glass, just the business end is coated in silky smooth silicone. Yeah. I’m dumb. Now this isn’t a bad thing at all or something I’m complaining about, I just really didn’t know.

Jopen Key branding/engravement.

 Little thing to note, but I don’t really understand why it’s called key? There’s the Jopen Key branding on the handle, with a teeny tiny literal key above the lettering. It’s a little odd for sex toy branding but who am I to judge.

My Experience with the Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand:

 If I had to describe the Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand in one word, it would be WOW. It’s like it was made for my body! I don’t usually say that about a sex toy, as so few feel perfect for my body. But the Jopen Key literally feels like it was made to fit my vagina! Once inserted, the bulbous end cosies up to my G-spot, and provides so much firm pressure to it that I feel like I’m about to see stars! This isn’t a toy to really fuck yourself with though, if that’s what you’re after. It’s more of a wiggle up and down with the handle kinda deal. I also love how easy it is to wield, thanks to the glass handle. Plus I don’t have the strongest wrists, they’re pretty weak to be honest, so the handle will be great for people with weak wrists.

 The first time I used the Jopen Key, I had already orgasmed so it slipped in with ease and felt instantly pleasurable. But the other times I’ve used it, I wasn’t aroused much at all so I had to use a lot of lube with the Jopen Key. That’s probably the only issue I have with it. I’ve found that the Jopen Key tends to hog all the lube, and it needs a lot of it from the really draggy silicone. Plus, if I’m not all that aroused and even when I’ve used a lot of lube, the bulbous end can be a bit much for my vagina to take and it can sometimes cause me a little bit of discomfort, and the Jopen Key has locked behind my pubic bone once or twice.

Removing the Jopen Key is a little bit different to other dildos I’ve used. Because of the bulbous head on the Jopen Key, it can hurt me a little to remove it just by holding it straight and then pulling it out. So, the painless way for me to remove it, is by holding the Jopen Key upwards by the handle, and moving it out of my vagina in a curving motion in the same way that the shaft curves. So I think if you already own the Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand, and you’re finding removing it is causing you pain, then try that method of removal. Pretty solid solution so far!


I overall love the Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand, it really does feel perfect for me and it’s definitely worthy of all the praise it receives. I mean yes, it has some issues, but I can easily overlook them because I’ve still made the Jopen Key work for me and I love it. I’m just not always in the mood to use it because the pressure it provides to my G-spot can be too intense sometimes, so it’s not an everyday toy for me. But on the days I want lots of amazing G-spot stimulation, the Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand is the toy I always reach for!

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Jopen Key G-spot Comet Wand here.