Femintimate EVE Menstrual Cup Review

~I received this product from Adrien Lastic for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on his product.~

Since I tried the Mooncup, which you can read my review on here, I’ve been highly interested in trying other menstrual cups as my experience with the Mooncup was such a success. So, I sought out a few companies a few months later to try my luck in getting another menstrual cup or two to review for the blog. I didn’t have much luck at at all until a company I’m working with decided to send me the menstrual cup from their Femintimate range, EVE. I was quite overjoyed as I had my eye on this cup in particular for a while, so I was extremely grateful that I had the chance to review the EVE cup. But unfortunately, myself and the EVE cup just didn’t get along all that well. Currently, I’ve only used it for a few days and my period hasn’t ended yet, but I don’t want to use it ever again. Hence the early review.

First Impressions:

 EVE cup packaging.Info.Even more info.

 I’m not much for pink at all, except for hot pink, so I wasn’t overly pleased to find that the Femintimate EVE packaging is pink and white. But regardless, it is clean and modern looking and I have to admit that it comes across as friendly and if it’s your first time using a menstrual cup, the packaging and the EVE itself doesn’t look intimidating. Although, if you’re the type of person who finds their period embarrassing or you’d just prefer to not have a conversation over the curious looking box with the even more curious looking cup plastered on the front, then I wouldn’t call the packaging discreet at all.

The EVE cup is unsurprisingly, quite a pale pink with a feminine swirl design, made from 100% platinum silicone, completely flexible and it has a stem that you can leave for easy removal, or cut to however short you want for comfort. I’ve pretty much cut mine all the way down, as you can see, as the stem has a tendency to irritate my vaginal opening. But again, this is all down to personal preference. The EVE has quite a few air holes going around the top half for some decent suction action to keep it in place during your period, so don’t panic and think there’s something wrong with it if this the first time you’ve used a menstrual cup!

EVE cup.EVE cup.EVE cup.

My Experience with the EVE cup:

Before we get into my actual experience, I just want to talk about the two folding methods for insertion in case you’re a first time user and just want to get a good idea of how a menstrual cup works. As far as I know, there’s only two methods, if there’s more than two than feel free to let me in on your secrets!

Method 1:

Method 1. Method 1 again.

To start off with method 1, get the middle of the EVE between your thumb and index finger, then pinch. Place your thumb and index finger on your other hand to either side of the EVE cup, and then push them forwards to make sure it folds. The EVE cup should now look like the second image. I find it’s good to practice the two methods a few times before inserting, just so you feel more confident about using a menstrual cup for the first time.

Method 2:

Method 2 is my preferred way when it comes to using a menstrual cup, I just find it a lot easier. Not sure if that’s down to my anatomy or not, but it just works better for me and doesn’t cause me discomfort like method 1.

Method 2. Method 2 again. End result of method 2.

Method 2 looks a little more complicated, but it really isn’t. There is the option of pushing one side of the EVE cup down, but I no longer do that as I’ve gotten used to performing method 2, but the option is there if you need to get a little bit of confidence with it. I just go straight to step 2, which is simply holding the EVE cup upright in my fingers, putting my index finger in the middle of the rim, and pushing down so the EVE cup forms a sort of tulip or folded rose shape (that’s what it looks like to me), then I fold the sides of the EVE cup and just pull my finger loose. The end result should look like the 3rd image.

And that’s it! Hopefully I’ve not confused you with the instructions but it’s a little difficult to explain in words. There’s always informative videos you can Google search if you’re still not sure on how it all works.

So why didn’t myself and the EVE didn’t get along all that well? The silicone isn’t the best for me, it’s too glossy. With the Mooncup, the silicone is on the matte side, which makes it easy for me to grip and remove swiftly without any complications or unnecessary hassle. The EVE just makes removal so difficult for me because of the glossy silicone, my fingers slip often, and I also have to bear down quite a few times to get the EVE down far enough so I can pinch the base tightly with my fingers, and then quickly tug it so it doesn’t get away from me again. All of this is just so much hassle and hurts my body to have to strain so hard to get it down and then I’m battling with the EVE to be able to grip it tight enough to remove it. I have been able to remove it, but only twice. The other times I’ve had to leave the EVE in for longer than I’d like because I was just stressing myself out too much to try and get it out of me.

You’re probably thinking I have nothing good to say about the EVE, aren’t you? Well, you’re wrong there. Despite the fact that I struggle to remove the EVE, I do think it’s pretty great as far as menstrual cups go. I can’t feel once it’s comfortably inside of me, and I can report that I’ve had no leakage so far, no spillage when removing and it’s also incredibly easy to clean. The air holes are large enough that I can easily wash out the blood without any..chunks..getting stuck in the holes.

My good blogger friend, Emmeline Peaches, also reviewed the EVE so you can check out her review of it here if you’d like to read about a different experience with the EVE!


If it wasn’t for the glossy silicone, I honestly believe that the EVE would have been my preferred menstrual cup over the Mooncup. It’s easier to clean than the Mooncup and it doesn’t cause any discomfort once I can finally remove it. Whereas I’ve noticed that the Mooncup has started to hurt a little over time when I remove it. I’m sure there’s a menstrual cup out there that’s just perfect for me, but unfortunately, the EVE just isn’t it.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the EVE here.