Slube Review

~I received this product from Slube for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

You heard rumours of this cave from the coastal town a few miles from here. The locals had said the pools inside the cave were filled with different colours, each had their own scent and the liquid was apparently both lube and a GOO.  Shocked but also aroused and intrigued as you have a slight fetish for tentacles after masturbating to all that sexy hentai back when you were a teenager. But sadly, you had never come across any in real life so being fucked by tentacles were to be just a fantasy. The Cave of Slube, as the locals so fondly named it, sounded just what you were looking for to make your fantasy seem more realistic. And now here you are, deep within the Cave of Slube, luxuriating in the green pool. It smells like Juniper, which you heard was a male aphrodisiac.

You’re sliding the slippery liquid over your skin and becoming aroused as every minute passes, your nipples hardening from the unique sensations of the Slube. Then suddenly, you hear a splash. You bolt upright, nearly cracking your skull on the rocks from the slippery surface. Your eyes dart around, trying to figure out where the source of the splash came from.

You gasp as you feel something hard and textured slide across your leg. That’s definitely not a piece of fucking goo! You see a black and purple, sparkly head appear above the Slube between your legs. It’s a tentacle! Your eyes widen in shock and horror, but you also feel yourself quiver in your most intimate place between your legs. Another tentacle rises beside you, this one a pale pink with larger suckers than the other one. They don’t seem hostile towards you, so you lay back, closing your eyes and let the tentacles take over your body..

First Impressions:

As you may have already figured out by now, Slube is both a lube and a goo. It’s used to make your bath time more fun and erotic, either by yourself or with someone else. You can also use it in a playpool. It’s a pretty unique thing, I’ve neard heard or anything like it before and as far as I know, there isn’t anything else like this on the market. I didn’t know what it looked like before it was all gooey into a bath so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the packaging etc. I was really pleasantly surprised that it looks creative! There is bright green goo dripping from the around the top of the box (not real goo so don’t worry). It really reminds me of Goosebumps, or Ghostbusters. Huge fan of the packaging. It’s not exactly discreet from the image of the couple in the tub covered in Slube, but it doesn’t really matter as one box of Slube is a single use so you’ll just throw the box away afterwards.

The Slube comes packaged in a little plastic bag, mine is the Emerald Green colour, and it looks a lot like sand to me. I was kinda just squeezing the bag and moving it side to side, watching the powder move around. Probably a little odd to do that but I found it kind of relaxing, like watching a sand timer.

The emerald green Slube has a Juniper scent, which I found odd because it’s not everyday you hear people telling you that Juniper is their favourite scent. So why this strange choice of scent? I enquired about this to Slube and apparently, Juniper is a male aphrodisiac, which I had no clue about. Could be why I think it stinks though..

The ingredients in Slube are Sodium Acrylate Copolymer, Parfum (Juniper Fragrance), FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue No1. Slube is internal safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. You just can’t eat it. I somehow think it would be even more fun if Slube was edible. Maybe they have some edible Slube in the works? Here’s hoping!

Slube cautions you to not use it during pregnancy and to test a small amount on the skin first before using. I didn’t though, I’m not really allergic to anything so I wasn’t worried. And I was right not to worry, I’m rash free! Slube is latex safe but you must perform a test patch on latex before use.

Slube packaging.Slube Blurb Slube Instructions. Slube warning.

The instructions for Slube are really simple and straightforward to follow. To use in a bathtub, run the water until the tub is just under half full. Sprinkle the Slube powder across the water and then stir the water with your hands. Then just climb in the bath, VERY CAREFULLY, and enjoy!

After you’re finished in the tub, you’ll need to dilute the Slube before you let the tub drain so to do this, fill the tub up with about 50% more water and stir with your hands until the Slube is diluted, then just drain the tub as normal. You’ll probably be left with some little bits of goo in the tub so just rinse the tub out and it’s fine to go down the drain.

To use the Slube in a playpool, you’ll need to put 7g of powder to 1 litre of warm water. Mix up in a large bowl/container and leave to 6-7 minutes. Pour the Slube into the playpool once it has developed and enjoy! Once you’re all done, put a plug into your tub and pour the Slube into it. Dilute the Slube with the shower with 50% more water and then drain the liquid from your bath as normal. Simples!

My Experience with the Slube:

Before we get into my experience, I’d just like to say that the Slube really does look amazing, the emerald green colour is very eye-appealing and the Juniper scent is really quite mellow once the Slube is in water so I was quite pleased about that. I will admit that I wish I could have chosen the colour, I initially wanted blue but I think if the other colours are as vibrant as the Emerald Green, then I think the Risque Red, will look just amazing!

Slube and my tentacle dildo. Slube and my other tentacle dildo. Slube is stringy! Slube Goo!

I used the Slube in a tub and all on my lonesome. Sometimes being single isn’t all that fun when you have products like Slube to test and review.. I followed the instructions on the box and then waited a minute or two for the Slube to dissolve into the water. I really had no idea what to expect by using Slube at all, but I do actually have a fetish for tentacles and a fantasy of being fucked by them. So I brought along my two glass tentacle dildos, as you do. I wanted to see if I could explore my fantasy as much as I were able to.

My two tentacle dildos deep within the depths of Slube. It's coming for me!

Getting into my tub was really difficult to be honest, kinda dangerous. I felt like I was about to slip and break my pelvis at one point. But I persevered, gripped the sides of my bath, sat on my knees and then laid back. Odd. That’s one way to describe how the Slube feels. It’s just so strange and unique that I feel it’s something you have to experience for yourself. I’m not even sure I really liked my Slube bath all that much either. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s really fun and makes me feel like a child again from how slippery it is, but there a few things I don’t like about Slube.

Firstly, the goo doesn’t completely dissolve. For the most part, it’s like a liquid but then there are some little clumps of goo at the bottom of my tub and it feels disgusting. Like when you’re washing up and there’s soggy bits of food in the water. Ew.

Slube is also not very lubricating. I mean yeah it’s very slimey, feels and looks like lube. But to me, it’s not lube. My vagina felt quite dry, even when I rubbed the Slube into it, I just didn’t feel like I could use a toy on myself because of the dryness.

Slube doesn’t dilute very well for me either. I put in 50% more water and moved the Slube around for a while with my hands, but I feel like it didn’t do that much. There were less clumps of goo and it didn’t feel as much like lube but it was still very slimey and stringy, so I’ve no idea what I was doing wrong. I had to rinse the bath out a lot to get rid of the goo and it seemed to be everywhere so I found the clean up to be quite a hassle.

 I suppose you can guess that I wasn’t able to fuck my dildos from my vaginal dryness, but I will admit that I had fun just playing around by just showing their heads in the Slube and pretending like I was about to be penetrated by real tentacles. And also it was cool and erotic to watch the slime slowly drip down from my glass tentacles so I guess the fantasy worked to an extent with the Slube.


 I didn’t enjoy my Slube bath as much as I thought I would, I honestly think it’s better suited to being used in a playpool as it seems like it would be safer. Although I imagine it would be quite humorous and great fun in a huge playpool with lots of people slipping around while trying to dance to some music. Slube states that it makes your skin smooth and silky, which I can confirm that it does. it makes me feel like I’ve bathed in something that’s really moisturising. I also think that Slube would be great for a massage as it’s so slippery and I did have fun spreading it over my breasts and nipples. A friend of mine said it would be great for tit wanks, and I definitely agree with that! Maybe next time, I’ll have someone to play with while using Slube.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase some Slube here.