The Nooky Box: Sex is Fun Review

~I received this product from The Nooky Box for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

Quite a while ago, I approached The Nooky Box to ask if they would be willing to send me a box to review. Obviously, they said yes! I’m sure we’ve all heard of subscription boxes by now, there’s boxes for literally all types of people with all kinds of interests. Before The Nooky Box, I’d never had a sex orientated one, my only other experience with subscription boxes was with Horror Block, run by Nerd Block. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. A lot of the time, subscription boxes are a complete gamble and they can be disappointing because the price you’re paying monthly, or quarterly in this case, doesn’t seem worth it for what you receive. So is the The Nooky Box worth it? Let’s find out!

First Impressions:

 I really don’t know what I was expecting when I received my first Nooky Box, but I was quite surprised to set my eyes upon a very unassuming, plain white box. It’s so unassuming that I just leave it out in the open, and I live with family. No one questions it at all so I think it works very well for being discreet.

Nooky Box closed. Nooky Box open.

Lift up the large flap and you’re greeted by..a lot of neon orange! Another surprise, but definitely one that I appreciated.  Neon orange tissue paper, a “yay sex!” sticker holding everything together and a little white envelope on top.

Nooky Box contents.

I basically just shredded the tissue paper to bits to get to my goodies inside, I’d been waiting for my Nooky Box for some time. Stupid customs! So what’s inside? Well the main item of the Sex is Fun theme is the Moka G-Vibe by PicoBong. I’ve heard great things about this vibrator but never actually tried one myself so I was happy to own that thanks to Nooky Box.

Next item I laid my eyes on is my favourite lube at the moment, Sliquid Sassy. I was extremely happy to see that there as you can never have too much Sliquid, trust me on that.

The third item I saw is the Tickle me Tickler by Bijoux Indiscrets. Not exactly an item I’ve lusted after but it’s incredibly soft and there’s a cute little black bow on the handle. Not bad!

There’s one Sir Richard’s classic ribbed condom in the Sex is Fun Nooky Box. I found this a little strange. I mean, not because I’m a single woman but say if a couple received the Sex is Fun themed box and they saw just a singular condom, I don’t think they’d be all that pleased about it. If a couple are using condoms, then they’ll already have lots of them by brands that they know and trust, and if they don’t use condoms, then there’s the possibility that they might be offended by it. Also I was told that it’s an expired condom. Nooky Box didn’t realise the condoms they ordered were expired until the last minute. I guess it’s lucky that I’m single..

Sir Richards classic ribbed condom.

Last three items are seriously my favourite. Might seem childish to some but I’m a big kid at heart. POP ROCKS! Yes! Fucking pop rocks! Oh my god! I was so happy and I ate them all just straight after each other. Three delicious flavours. Watermelon, strawberry and tropical punch. Watermelon was my favourite.

Pop Rocks!

So what’s in the envelope? A few cardboard booklets. The first one is called Suggested Nooky, which I think has some romantic and sexual ideas in it? I’m not actually sure, I can’t honestly remember. The second booklet is some info about Nooky Box and what their general aim is etc. The last booklet is called Nooky Track. I thought this was a really cool idea as it lists a number of songs that are a little on the ‘sexy’ side or romantic. That is, if you think Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On is sexy..(I don’t). But overall, it’s a little creative in my opinion.

Suggested Nooky.Nooky Track.Nooky Box tracks.Info on Nooky Box.Nooky Box aim.

My Experience with the Sex Is Fun Nooky Box:

1. PicoBong Moka G-Vibe:

Picobong Moka G-Vibe.

I quite like the Moka, more than I expected to considering it’s battery operated. It’s rumbly enough to stimulate my G-spot, and can’t be heard from outside a closed door or under bed covers. And the flattened tip just hones in onto my G-spot, applying a lot of pressure to it, which I love. It’s very rigid, being made from plastic and is very matte to the touch. Big fan! The only complaint I have is that the cap can pop off at times, which is obviously an annoyance so I don’t find myself using the Moka very often. Sad face. But overall, it’s a really decent vibe and I easily recommend it.

2. Sliquid Sassy Lube:

Sliquid Sassy.

 I can literally say nothing but positive things about Sliquid Sassy! It’s mainly intended for anal use but it works amazingly well for vaginal use as well. It’s thicker than most lubes, creating a sort of barrier when using a toy, which is why it’s excellent for anal use because it make things easier and smoother. I find that if I’m using a particularly large toy, Sassy just makes using the toy a lot more bearable for my vagina so I love using this lube for vaginal use. Sliquid Sassy doesn’t drip all over the place, it’s non-sticky and has no flavour or odour to it. Definitely recommend Sliquid Sassy, it’s a favourite among bloggers and lube enthusiasts alike!

3. Bijoux Indiscrets Tickle me Tickler:

Tickle me Tickler packaging. Back of the packaging. Tickle me Tickler.

 I’ve never used anything like the Tickle me Tickler before but I found I didn’t mind the sensations all that much. They didn’t really make me feel aroused, I mainly use the Tickle me Tickler to relax. Just by laying on my bed, nude, listening to music or an ASMR video, breathing deeply and moving the Tickle me Tickler along the front of my body. It’s a very nice and relaxing experiencing so I do enjoy this product. However, I find that the material just falls apart at times and I’ll be covered in little black fluffy bits. But either way, I love how relaxed the Tickle me Tickler makes me feel.


So, do I think the Nooky Box is a subscription worth subscribing to? Yes and no. I think it’s great for people who want to be introduced to sex toys and adult products. The Nooky Box makes the experience completely unintimidating and fun with all the bright colours, simple products and of course, the amazing pop rocks! There is the slight worry of the expired condom but Nooky Box will learn from their mistakes so I can’t really be too upset about that.

On the other hand, for someone like me who is an experienced toy and adult product user, I was a little underwhelmed. I felt like there should have been more items and maybe something on the more luxurious side. Chances are that experienced users will already own these items or will think they’re not varied enough.

Personally, I liked all of the items but I was slightly left wishing there was more of a variety, but overall I did enjoy myself with the products!

Where to Buy?

You can subscribe to Nooky Box here.