MEO Fuckslut Lube Review

~I received this product from MEO for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

FuckSlut? Really, MEO? You guys seriously know how to get attention to your products with names like that! It sure sounds a hell of a lot better than Mancunt (my review of it is here), but I don’t think by much. Moving on past the name, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect with this lube since I enjoyed Mancunt, I thought it would be good, if not better, but I didn’t turn out to like FuckSlut all that much..

First Impressions:

 MEO FuckSlut lube. MEO FuckSlut lube testing.

Again, the bottle for FuckSlut is in no way discreet. The words are big and bold, drawing your attention to it so I wouldn’t advise leaving it lying around if you live with people who you don’t want knowing that you use adult products. FuckSlut unfortunately doesn’t have a pump dispenser, it’s a simple flip up the lid and squeeze deal. I fucking hate that.

FuckSlut can be used for anal and vaginal sex, masturbation, play with big dildos and anal stretching. MEO describes FuckSlut as transforming you from anal virgin to butt slut in seconds flat. I’d say this is a rather bold claim as the only things that have gone inside my butt are two butt plugs, and the very tip of an anal douche. I like anal play a little bit, but I wouldn’t do it all the time, nor am I often in the mood for it. Obviously, my opinion on anal play could change at any time so I guess we’ll see.

The consistency of FuckSlut is not what I expected at all, it feels very oily (though MEO state that it’s oil-free), and it drips all over the place. I was already unhappy with this lube and I hadn’t even used it yet. Although, I was pleased to find that it’s very silky, and it has no smell or taste to it so if you’re participating in oral, you’ll have no problems with FuckSlut.

My Experience with FuckSlut:

Lubing up a dildo with FuckSlut wasn’t the easiest of things to do, the lube just instantly drips everywhere, making a mess of me and my bed sheet, I wasn’t exactly happy. Once my dildo was properly ready to go, I slowly inserted it and I felt a bit less than impressed. FuckSlut doesn’t really feel like lube to me at all, it feels more like I got some oil from the kitchen and just lathered it all over my dildo. Sorry, but I don’t want my lube to feel like veggie oil, maybe some people do, but I’m not one of them.

It’s not entirely all that bad though. I do love how FuckSlut just makes my skin ridiculously soft and smooth, like a baby’s bum. It also makes masturbation more fun for me when I’m having one of those ‘dry days’ and I just want to use a clit vibe for a week or so. Maybe FuckSlut is more for anal use but I honestly couldn’t say if it is or not because I didn’t use it with an anal toy, sorry!


While I wasn’t impressed with using FuckSlut on a dildo, I did enjoy using it on a clit vibe and through manual masturbation so I can’t say it was a complete failure. I think FuckSlut may actually be best used for anal so if I ever get the inclination to use a butt plug, I’ll update this review to let you all know how it holds up!

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the MEO FuckSlut lube here for 6.90 euros which is around £5.42.