Kink Craft Nipple Sticks Review

~I received this product from Kink Craft for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

Yeah it’s been a little while since my last review, sorry! But I thought I’d kick off the end of May with a review on some kinky shit. Being completely honest here, my kinky shit experience is severely limited. I only have one pair of nipple rings which you can purchase here if you’re really curious. And a nipple clamp and clit chain..thing that I don’t really like so much on my nipples because it’s a bit too tense but the clit clamp is awesome so check it out here if you really want to. Any ways, nipple sticks. Yeah I had no idea what they really were when I asked to review them from the lovely folks at Kink Craft, but I wanted some new kinky shit to flesh out my blog a little and experiment a little more with my body, so here’s my review of my first ever pair of nipple sticks. Let us go forth into the kinky shit realm!

Kink Craft:

Who are Kink Craft? They’re a lovely British based company that allow you to make your own kinky shit! Isn’t that cool?! I’ve never actually heard of any other company that do that, but like I said, I’m severely inexperienced in this area so what would I know? Kink Craft produce various kits on how to make any kinky toy or item from their range and they also provide a completely informative video on how to make that item. I personally love the fact that they provide a video as I can read instructions over and over for something, but never truly grasp what I’m supposed to do, so a demonstration is extremely helpful!

Aside from who Kink Craft are, I’m really happy to report that they’re nothing but friendly and they have excellent customer service so I definitely trust and recommend them.

First Impressions:

The Kink Craft Nipple Sticks come beautifully presented in a small, Kink Craft engraved purple gift box where inside, they are wrapped in pink tissue paper, tied together by a purple ribbon. I was really surprised by this as it’s not often a company go to so much trouble with their products so I was extremely impressed by the effort, it also shows that presenting the Kink Craft Nipple Sticks as a gift to someone wouldn’t go amiss at all! Good job Kink Craft!

Kink Craft packaging.Inside of the Kink Craft packaging.Kink Craft nipple sticks nicely presented.Kink Craft nipple sticks.

The Kink Craft Nipple Sticks look really unassuming. That isn’t a bad thing by any means, I feel like this makes them perfect for a newbie as they’re not intimidating, or maybe you just want to use them on a partner without making your partner go “holy mother of God, you are not, using those on me!” Whatever the reason, they look really well made and quite pretty actually.

 I was given a choice of the various colours for the Kink Craft Nipple Sticks which come in either blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, black or purple. I chose blue because I felt like having something different as most things are usually available in pink or black and the blue is a really attractive shade so that’s what I plumped for.

The Kink Craft Nipple Sticks are made from clear and flexible plastic, the ends being topped with your chosen colour. They really do have an understated beauty to them, which I wasn’t expecting from how cheap they are but a pleasant surprise is always welcome! There are two rubber bands on either side of the Kink Craft Nipple Sticks that you just slide up and down to increase or decrease the pressure on your nipples.

My Experience with the Kink Craft Nipple Sticks:

I was actually a little bit nervous to begin with. My previous experiences with kinky nipple items weren’t exactly the best and I felt like I wasn’t sure what I was meant to be doing. Was I doing something wrong somehow? Was that why I could barely stand to have anything pinching my nipples for no more than five minutes? Maybe. But the Kink Craft Nipple Sticks made me realise that it wasn’t me that was wrong, it was the products that I had been using.

To start off, I slid the bands all the way up to the top so I could pull open the Kink Craft Nipple Sticks as wide as they could go. Having tiny nipples is a curse sometimes.. Once my nipples were securely in (I sound like I’m talking about being strapped in for a roller coaster ride), I  slowly adjusted the bands so they were about halfway down and just laid back to see how I was feeling about the sensation.

I thought it felt amazing. I was experiencing a slight pinch that wasn’t painful at all, it was quite obviously there, but my nipples were enjoying the pinching. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I had actually found some kinky nipple shit that worked for me! I was so impressed and elated that I just laid there for about an hour, watching YouTube videos with my titty sticks on. It was glorious.

But as a reviewer, I of course had to make my experience more intense for the benefit of the more seasoned nipple players. So I adjusted the bands further, pulling them closer to where my nipples was all securely trapped. This is where the Kink Craft Nipple Sticks started to bite. It did hurt a little and I was feeling slightly uncomfortable having my nipples pinched so tightly. But on the other hand, I feel like this is good news for the seasoned nipple players as the Kink Craft Nipple Sticks clearly cater to the needs of everyone, newbies and experts alike.

The Kink Craft Nipple Sticks are also great for twisting if you want to create even more added sensation, teasing and pleasurable pain. They’re just so fun and versatile that I honestly have nothing bad to say about them at all. Who knew?


I seriously don’t have anything bad to say about my new kinky nipple sticks, I think they’re utterly fabulous. Non-intimidating, attractive, affordable, and fun! They appeal to both newbies and experts and make a lovely addition to masturbation. What else could you really ask for?

Where to Buy?

You can buy these amazing nipple sticks from Kink Craft for just £6.