Licx Deluxe Cream Lube 250ml Review

~I received this product from Licx for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

The Licx Deluxe Cream Lube was another product that Licx sent to me along with the Gel Lube. I had high hopes for this lube as the gel lube was such a big hit for me, but unfortunately, it wasn’t anything I expected it to be..

First Impressions:

The Licx Deluxe Cream Lube comes in the same type of bottle as the Gel Lube does and in the same type of packaging, which you can see in the pictures below. I’m not going to go into detail about the bottle as I’ve already talked about it in my review of the Gel Lube so go and check that out if you’d like to know the details.

20160506_160401 (1)20160506_160416 (1)

I have to say, the Licx Deluxe Cream Lube could be used in some parody porn for Spiderman. Why? It’s the stringiest lube I’ve ever seen in my life! It does kind of look like spooge (yeah I like that word in replace of ‘cum’) and I was really impressed by that as it seems difficult to replicated. Although, if that was Licx’ intention or not, I’ve no idea. Still pretty cool regardless.

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My Experience with the Licx Deluxe Cream Lube:

Applying this lube to a vibrator/dildo is a little difficult to begin with. Because it’s so stringy, it can be a little difficult for it to stay put. It seems to just slide down and drip off instantly and it also has clumps of cream in it, which I didn’t expect and the clumps don’t really rub well into a toy so I often found that the clumps would stick to the outside of my labia when removing a toy from my vagina.

Another thing to note is that after the lube had dried on my hand, my hand felt extremely weird. It wasn’t sticky, but it just felt odd. Like a sort of rough feeling. Not really any other way I can describe it but it definitely wasn’t pleasant.

It’s not all bad though. The Licx Deluxe Cream Lube does spread really well on a toy and it doesn’t irritate my vagina, nor does it dry out during use so those are always good things to look for in a lube.


I do like the Licx Deluxe Cream Lube for the fact that it looks like spooge and it’s fun to use because it’s so stringy. But, being completely honest here, I won’t be using it on a regular basis because I just hate how it makes my skin feel after it’s dried into it and the clumps of cream sticking to my labia is just really off putting for me personally.

I do think the gel lube is probably a better way to go if you’re wanting to buy a lube from Licx. On the other hand, I wouldn’t call the Licx Deluxe Cream Lube a real disappoint either. It doesn’t dry out and works great when using a toy so really, you could do a lot worse than this lube, despite the negatives I mentioned previously. It’s just a shame that it didn’t really work for me.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Licx Deluxe Cream Lube 250ML from Licx for £24.99.