Licx Gel Lube 250ml Review

~I received this product from Licx for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, shape or form has any affect on my opinions on this product.~

Firstly, I’ll admit that when I eventually got around to trying Sliquid (a lube brand that a lot of people know and almost everyone recommends it, myself included), I figured that I wouldn’t need any other brand of lube because Sliquid is just perfect for me. But, when I saw Licx on Twitter, I contacted them and asked if they would send me a sample or two of their products, for two reasons. One, I’m running out of Sliquid. Two, Licx have some lovely lube products and they seem to truly care about their customers, so I was sold!

First Impressions:

Before contacting Licx, I took a little look at their lubes to see how they were presented and I was pleased to find that they had two lubes that came in 250ml pump dispenser bottles. I was also slightly relieved as I hate bottles with flip top lids, makes things unnecessarily messy.  So I requested something in a pump dispenser bottle, as you probably will have guessed by now.

I absolutely love the branded Licx packaging. It’s very modern, and gender neutral. I was quite surprised to find that the bottles are made out of metal, I’ve only known lube bottles to be made out of plastic but I think metal bottles are a good idea since plastic ones can burst etc. There’s also a lock feature for the pump dispenser which I think is amazing and something that goes amiss sometimes with pump dispensers so I applaud Licx for adding that!

This gel lube is..well..really like gel. Who would have thought it? It’s not dissimilar to some hair gel products I’ve used, except this lube virtually has no smell to it. The Licx Gel Lube also has quite a thick consistency, which always makes me happy as thicker lubes seems to make usage of a toy more comfortable.

My Experience with the Licx Gel Lube:

I was really excited to be able to use this lube on a toy as it already seemed amazing from the thickness, and it continued to impress me. I used about a pea-sized amount on my vibrator, a little goes a long way with this lube, and then I was surprised. This lube did not move an inch from my vibrator. Or if it did, it moved so slowly that I couldn’t see it.

I held my vibrator upside down in the air to see if the lube would drip off, and it didn’t. It was beginning to, at a very slow pace, but not within a few seconds like my beloved Sliquid Sassy. The Licx Gel Lube spread really well along the silicone of my vibrator and when I applied some to my labia since my skin was dry and that makes things a less smoother experience when using an insertable toy, I didn’t get any stickiness to my labia, nor when the lube had dried on the skin of my labia. Happy days!

During my time of masturbating with my vibrator, the lube didn’t dry out and I didn’t feel the need to re-apply so I was one happy girl to not have to stop mid-wank as it were. I actually think the Licx Gel Lube has replaced Sliquid Sassy since I have been using this lube a lot more than the Sassy, something I really didn’t expect would happen as I’ve been a little unlucky with lubes in the past, but I think Licx got it right with this one!


I think the Licx Gel Lube is really great, it doesn’t dry out during use and there’s virtually no smell to it. The two things I didn’t like about the lube is that it’s slightly sticky on the fingers and hands, and it has a bad taste to it, I wouldn’t recommend using the Licx Gel Lube if you’re wanting to participate in oral. The stickiness does disappear after a few minutes so I don’t really mind all that much.

I am honestly really shocked that the Licx Gel Lube has basically surpassed the Sliquid Sassy since I didn’t think I’d love at as much as I thought because of the stickiness, something that Sliquid Sassy doesn’t have, but I ended up loving this lube so much. I thoroughly recommend the Licx Gel Lube if you’re wanting to get a good quality lube that’s also value for money. The fact that it comes in a 250ml bottle and only needing to use a pea-sized amount means it will probably last you quite a long time.

Where To Buy?

You can purchase the Licx Gel Lube 250ml from Licx for £19.99