Swoon Get a Grip Silicone Jiggle Balls 67g Review

“What exactly are jiggle balls? Well, they’re balls that jiggle, duh!”

Jiggle Balls?

So I’ve decided to write a review on my first ever set of jiggle balls. What exactly are jiggle balls? Well, they’re balls that jiggle, duh! Nah I’m only half joking. They’re also known as toner balls and they are inserted inside the vagina for you to wear for as long as you can keep them in basically. The benefits of using jiggle balls or toner balls is increased tightness of the vagina, toned pelvic floor and stronger muscles. What’s the outcome of this? Improved bladder control, better sex for you and your partner, and of course, enhanced orgasms! Sound good to you? Definitely sounds good to me!

First Impressions:

I don’t have the packaging any more but I have a product image of what the box looks like and the jiggle balls come in a plastic mould inside the box. I personally love the packaging. It’s very retro looking and classy, pretty awesome in my opinion!

Swoon Get a Grip Silicone Jiggle Balls packaging.

I chose the Swoon Get a Grip Jiggle Balls because of their unique appearance. They aren’t the usual pink or purple colour and they have a pattern I’ve never seen in any form of sex toy before. The balls are white with a pattern that sports a sort of light blue/green coloured geometric design. The silicone to these jiggle balls isn’t very smooth at all, it feels a bit rough but it’s not noticeable once they’re inserted. I’m not very keen on the quality of the removal cord either. It has a very plastic-like feel to it and like it would break easily but it hasn’t so far, and I’ve had these jiggle balls since early last year. The Swoon Jiggle Balls aren’t very weighty, which makes them ideal for a beginner. See with jiggle balls, the heavier they are, the harder they are to keep inside you, which means your muscles would be having a more intense workout. Starting off with something light like these ones would be a good starter for your muscles. But if you’re already quite a bit tight, then maybe some heavier ones would suit you better. The balls also come with their own storage bag which is really great quality, considering the cheap price of these jiggle balls, it’s silver coloured with black drawstrings and has Swoon’s logo on the front.

My Experience with the Swoon Get a Grip Silicone Jiggle Balls 67g:

To be honest, I’m not really sure what I was expecting at all. I was already fairly tight but I wanted jiggle balls because they sounded like something fun to wear while I did things around the house or activities, so I wasn’t really bothered much about the health benefits of the jiggle balls. They slipped in quite easily without any lube, I think I was just excited about having my first set of jiggle balls so no lube was needed. They did feel really comfortable once they were inserted properly and the removal cord wasn’t irritating my vaginal opening over the first couple of hours that I wore the jiggle balls. What do they actually feel like when I move around? Well, it’s not an easy sensation to explain if you’ve never tried jiggle balls before, but they create a sort of ‘rolling’ sensation and they do actually jiggle in a way if I go up and down the stairs and sit down with force.

Did they actually improve my pelvic floor and enhance my orgasms? No, not really. I didn’t notice any difference after wearing them for a couple of weeks but they are fun to wear when doing mundane jobs around the house and I’ve never wanted to go up and down the stairs as much as I did while wearing them. Another thing to note is that they would be great if you wanted to get into fitness or pick up jogging. If you’re not the type of person to enjoy fitness (like me), then the Swoon Get a Grip Jiggle Balls would definitely make it more interesting for you!


Even though the Swoon Get a Grip Silicone Jiggle Balls didn’t improve my pelvic floor or enhance my orgasms, I did really like the sensations they provided and they made boring things, fun. Even things like a bus ride, yay for bumps in the road! I think if you want to try jiggle balls for the first time and experience ones that provide added sensations, then these jiggle balls could be right up your..street.. But if you want some jiggle balls that actually do their job towards the health side of things, you might want to look elsewhere.

Where To Buy?

You can purchase the Swoon Get a Grip Silicone Jiggle Balls 67g from Lovehoney for £14.99