Mooncup Review


“The Mooncup is the only non-sexual object I’ve ever put inside me that I’m absolutely in love with.”



What is a Mooncup?

A Mooncup is the silicone (yes, it’s made from medical grade silicone!) holy grail of menstruation. Yeah that sounds odd, I know. But that’s how it is for me. I had been using tampons since I was around 14, which is nearly 8 years and I hadn’t heard of a menstrual cup before, until I saw it in my local pharmacy and then when I got home I went and Googled it. At first I wasn’t really sure what to think because even though I’m not grossed out by blood, the thought of a menstrual cup just sounded really messy, a bit complicated and awkward, but it isn’t as bad as you might think.

Why I Decided to Start Using a Mooncup:

I decided to start using a Mooncup because I was sick of shitty tampons. It’s funny how when I first started my period when I was barely 13, I quickly changed to tampons after a year. I had been using pads for over a year which made me feel like I was wearing a nappy and I fucking hated them with a passion. I had the ultra ones because back then, I had an extremely heavy period. You’d think a pad would be able to absorb that properly if they’re the right flow but you’d be wrong in thinking that. Having to wear two pairs of knickers was horrible and plus, the blood always went down between my butt, so I went to tampons, which made things so much easier even though I was still a virgin.

But just recently, around a few months ago from the end of last year, my period came around again and I felt a sense of despair of having to get a tampon and I longed to find an alternative. It wasn’t the fact that tampons were causing me pain, but sometimes I could feel it if I clenched my muscles or I sat down in some way. And I didn’t always insert it correctly and it felt uncomfortable as well. So after I’d Googled the Mooncup and got over the fact that it would most likely be hard to transition, I purchased one.

What’s it Actually Like in Use?

It’s amazing, like so amazing I can’t even feel it. If It wasn’t for the pain I get every month, I wouldn’t even know I’m on my period, it’s just that good! I can’t even feel it when I clench my muscles and I can sit however the fuck I want without wincing. The fact that the Mooncup is reusable just sweetens the deal, you don’t have to change it until you’ve had it for about 10 years or so, which means you don’t have to keep clogging up your toilet with a tampon. Result! The Mooncup holds more than a tampon but I know you might be worrying about public bathrooms but don’t worry, you most likely won’t have to change it very often, and if you do while you’re not at home, just take some water with you and a tissue to rinse and clean it in the stall.  I’ve never had to do that yet because my flow isn’t as heavy as it used to be and it usually only gets about half full on my heaviest days.

The instructions and the video demonstration are very informative and I honestly felt more confident about using the Mooncup, even though I was still a little confused. Using the Mooncup wasn’t the easiest of things for me. It has to be folded and that can be done in two ways. Technique 2 is what works for me, if you were wondering. It’s then inserted and it’s mean to fold open inside you. Yeah it rarely does that on its own. The majority of the time, I have to insert my finger and feel around the cup to make sure it’s not folded or squished down. Usually turning it around with my finger makes it unfold, a feeling that I can’t ever get over, it just makes me laugh. The only downside is that the Mooncup does get stained over time but you can easily remedy that.

What’s the Removal Like?

The first few times I actually kept inserting it too high up so it was always hard for me to pull back out. I trimmed the stem really short so there isn’t really one any more but now I’ve learnt just to place it near my vaginal opening and bear down so it’s easy to remove now.

After getting it down far enough for my fingers to pinch the base and gently move it from side to side as it comes down, it’s nowhere near the bloodbath I was expecting it to be. The outside of the Mooncup doesn’t even have any blood on it, just my natural moisture, all the blood is inside the Mooncup. And if you remove it correctly, you won’t even get any blood on your fingers. But the thing is, why would you care if you did? It’s your blood and you know you’re healthy so why would it be scary to get a little blood on yourself? Because it came from your vagina? So what? Don’t be so silly.

Removing it is also really painless. It hurt once when I let it go as it was coming out and it slipped and hit my vaginal opening but that was my own fault. The only time I ever had an accident was the other day when I was removing it at an angle and it tipped slightly and the blood went down the outside of the toilet and onto my pants, but that’s my own fault so I can only blame myself. Other than that, in the whole 3 months I’ve been using it, that’s the only incident I’ve ever had.


The Mooncup is the only non-sexual object I’ve ever put inside me that I’m absolutely in love with. It makes my period a complete breeze and I don’t feel dread when I know I’m due for a period any more like I used to when I was using tampons. I highly recommend it to all females!