Lovehoney BASICS Anal Douche 225ml Review

“I wouldn’t say I’m on the fetish side of things yet, but it’s damn good.”

I was initially really nervous to use an anal douche as I had no previous experience in using one at all, but I wanted one because I felt like I was finally ready to venture into anal play, so I got my first two butt plugs (which I will review soon), some anal lube and this anal douche, just for peace of mind and overall cleanliness. It wasn’t at all scary to use and I was worrying about nothing, as I so often am. Lets jump into it, shall we?

First Impressions:

I really love the packaging for the anal douche. Even though it’s a dark purple (my pictures make it look lighter than it is, sorry!), it is still pretty gender neutral as it sports a little man and a woman, letting you know it’s for either gender which I think is awesome. There’s instructions on the back on how to use the anal douche and general information on the douche itself.

The anal douche is very simple in appearance, just a plain red colour which is made out of skin-safe rubber which isn’t really a good material but it isn’t going to be inserted inside you so its fine to use. The nozzle is made from ABS plastic, which is a safe sex toy material so win! win!  The bulb is made from very thick rubber so even though it’s a really low priced anal douche, it doesn’t seem like poor quality at all and it shows no breakdown of the material since the few months I’ve had it. The nozzle is hard but the end isn’t spiky from the plastic at all, it just has a small round hole. The nozzle and stopper are both detachable, so you could either just detach the nozzle, the stopper or both so you can easily clean them after use.

My Experience with the Lovehoney BASICS Anal Douche:

I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Which surprised me a lot. I wasn’t expecting to at all but I think the feeling of warm water being pushed into my butt, is quite a pleasant one.

Although, it took me a while to get the hang of it. And even though I had instructions on what to do, I had to Google a few tips on how to douche properly.

Thebiggayreview provides a really great post on anal douching and what it’s all about, how to do it properly, etc. Which I was extremely grateful for as even though the packaging explains how to douche, I still felt like a complete noob and still really unsure, but that post helped immensely.

Inserting the nozzle was difficult. I’m not sure if it was because I wasn’t relaxed enough or because the positions I was trying just weren’t working for me. I’m guessing it was a combination of the two. I first removed the nozzle and stopper, filling it up with some warm water and then put it back together and lubed up the nozzle with some anal lubricant. I got on all fours and sort of stuck my butt out and arched my back a little, angling the anal douche and slowly squeezed the bulb.

The warm water was a little bit of a shock to my system, it’s quite a unique sensation. But I felt like I was doing it wrong the first couple of times because the water kept coming out of the nozzle, down onto the towel beneath me, rather than actually going into my butt.

I eventually grew tired of getting water all over the towel so I ended up on my knees in the bathtub, doing it that way instead, which made things a lot easier and I was getting better as I could feel the water go into my butt more this time.

Waiting a few minutes for the water to do its job is what I found worked the best, rather than just immediately sitting on the toilet. Once I felt the need to expel it from my bowels, I went to the toilet. I didn’t push, I just let the water flow out naturally, which is the safest way to do it.

But anal douching is far from sexy or glamorous. Even if you’ve gone to the toilet beforehand (at least an hour beforehand), you’re going to be pushing out all the excrement from the last couple of days or so, and it’s not a pretty sound, nor does it feel great to do it. But on the other hand, feeling so clean back there is amazing and I love feeling so clean, it’s great.

If you’re planning on participating in anal sex or anal play of some kind, wait at least an hour before doing so because your body will be wanting to get rid of all that water, you can’t get it all out just in 5 minutes so just remember that.


Do I like anal douching? I think I do. I’ve heard of people having a fetish for it and I can understand why. I mean yes, it’s not fun to expel the water but pushing the warm water in my butt feels so nice and even comforting. I wouldn’t say I’m on the fetish side of things yet, but it’s damn good.

Where To Buy?:

You can buy the Lovehoney BASICS Anal Douche from Lovehoney for £9.99. A great price for a great product!