My Top 5: Favourite Pornstars

As I’m an avid lover of porn, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of my favourite pornstars and explain why they’re my favourite, (this list is ranked from my most favourite to least favourite). Enjoy!


1. Bonnie Rotten:


A 22 year old alternative porn actress, born as Alaina Hicks, from Hamilton Ohio. She is of Italian, German, Polish and Jewish descent. Bonnie Rotten sports over 30 tattoos, giving her a pretty unique appearance among other inked porn actresses. She is my number one favourite because of her enthusiasm when acting in a scene, giving it a real authentic feel. She seems to exceed particularly well in anal scenes as she squirts fairly often from anal penetration and genuinely seems to enjoy performing.

2. Roxy Raye:


Roxy Raye is a 26 year old extreme porn actress, residing in Florida. She is well known for her talent of extreme vaginal and anal insertions. She is one of the few porn actresses who seems to have a completely natural body, which is one of the few reasons she is a favourite of mine, her breasts and bum seem to be her own and she has a very curvy styled body. As I’m a bit of a pervert when it comes to porn, it’s great to see a porn actress that genuinely seems to enjoy large toys, strange insertions, fisting, as well as a lot of other ‘taboo’ subjects.

3. Asa Akira:

Asa Akira is of Japanese descent, living in Manhattan, New York. She is 30 years old, Asa being her real name, it means ‘morning’ in Japanese. Asa is married to Toni Ribas, who is also a porn actor and director. She also identifies as a feminist. Asa seems to have an affinity for double penetration scenes, which I’m not usually a fan of watching, but Asa performs in them with such flair and sexuality that she makes them a complete turn on to watch. That’s no easy feat! I also love her anal scenes, her ‘orgasm face’, is unlike no other that I’ve seen, quite entrancing really.

4.Kristina Rose:

Kristina Rose is 31 currently living in California, born as Tracey Quinn Perez.  She is of Mexican, Scottish and Welsh descent. I love her natural body and she has quite a large round butt, which is one of the many reasons for her well-deserved popularity. Kristina, in my opinion, bears a striking resemblance to actress Christina Ricci. Kristina Rose performs beautifully in her numerous anal scenes, seeming to have anal orgasms judging from her facial and vocal reactions to anal penetration. She also has a full bush of pubic hair, which is very unique in the porn industry as most porn actresses either have no pubic hair, or it’s styled in some way.

5.Tory Lane:

Tory Lane is 32, born as Lisa Nicole Piasecki, currently living in Florida She is quite an interesting porn actress, at least to me. Tory Lane performs quite enthusiastically as a dominatrix and in lesbian scenes, but also many anal and double penetration scenes. She is last on my list because I find the way she performs to be a ‘bit much’ at times, as if she’s over acting or something. Tory’s body and looks are also something that don’t appeal to me that much but she is entertaining to watch, even if I think her performances are a bit over the top.