My Journey into the Sex Toy World

“And then eureka! I finally made my match!”

Before I even started using sex toys, I wasn’t in a relationship and had never even had a real relationship. You know, the ones with feelings and..stuff.. I’ve only had 3 sexual partners in my life and at the moment, I’m on a drought that’s lasted over 2 years now. I was starting to get tired of my fingers by last year, so I decided to venture into the world of sex toys.

I started with this shitty rabbit from Ann Summers that I hated right off the bat and it was also pretty painful for me to use. At the time, my vagina was really small and tight, I could barely finger myself with 2 fingers without getting extremely aroused and even then, my fingers felt cramped.

I then felt really upset and disappointed because I felt like I just wasn’t getting sex toys at all. But I’m not the type of person to give up so easily, so I purchased my first two bullets. But again, the first one was a disappointment, it just didn’t work for me all that well and I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me. It never crossed my mind that toys are all different and everyone is different, what may work for someone else, may not work for you. I then tried the second bullet. And then eureka! I finally made my match, and it was with a little rechargeable bullet that cost no more than £19.99.

I was in shock. Mainly from the massive orgasm I’d experienced and then I was elated because I’d realised that it just takes a while to find the right toy.

“Unless your muscles are as strong as the Incredible Hulk’s fist.”

Now, lemme talk about my first dildos. They were 3 glass beauties and I’d researched glass dildos before purchasing them, because like many newbies before me, I had the assumption that they’d break inside me. But it was completely silly to think that. Glass toys are completely solid and there’s no chance of them breaking inside you, (unless your muscles are as strong as the Incredible Hulk’s fist). I did find discomfort with the spiral glass dildo because of the overly large head, but I ignored the pain the majority of the time because I so badly wanted it to work. It did work in the end but ignoring pain is just stupid and not something I’d advise. If a toy is causing you pain, then stop. Either use something else to warm up or come back to the toy at a later time when you’ve gotten used to something smaller.

After my first dildos, I purchased more glass (but not enough). After a while, I was curious to see what silicone dildos were like. I was shocked at all the choices. There was textured ones, ones with no texture, small ones, large ones, realistic ones, non-realistic ones. It was all a bit confusing but luckily, information on where to start is only a click away.

Eventually, my journey leaded up to somewhere that is special depending on how you look at it. Also can be quite expensive. That’s right. I’m talking about luxury sex toys.

Now, I didn’t even know they were such a thing. I used to think that sex toys were usually cheap and nasty. Which of course isn’t true at all but I think a lot of newbies have that perception. So when I found out about luxury toys, it just was like a whole new world that I didn’t even know about.

At the time, I was still a little scared to go out of my comfort zone so I just went with a gorgeous clitoral vibrator made by Lelo. It was similar to the first bullet that I had gotten along with but it was definitely not the same, in my opinion anyway. I chose it in purple and I was just shocked by how pretty it was once it arrived. The packaging also screamed luxury, and I was in love with it just from appearances alone. I loved the orgasms it gave me but eventually, I got bored. It just didn’t do anything for me after a time and I again, I thought it was me that didn’t get how luxury toys were meant to work.

But then one day, I was reading various blogs on clitoral vibrators and so many bloggers were raving about this one in particular. The We-Vibe Touch. This toy is perfect for me on so many levels and I’ll recommend it to anyone, even someone with a penis. It’s so wrongly advertised as a clitoral vibrator because it works for men as well. But this toy just made me realise that luxury toys do work, I just have a taste for really strong vibrations.

I never realised I was the type of person to love strong vibrations because my fingers on my clit worked just fine in the past. But I discovered that’s just how my clit likes it. Strong and rumbly.

What are rumbly vibrations? That’s what I asked myself when I was reading things about various sex toys. Sex toys can either be buzzy or rumbly. Buzzy vibrations are purely surface level and they don’t travel deep into the nerves of your penis or vagina, which results in less satisfying orgasms. Rumbly vibrations penetrate deep into the nerves and as a result, produces deeper, longer and more satisfying orgasms.

Again, this is something I didn’t know at all before I started purchasing vibrating friends. I have toys of both variety. Some buzzy ones do it for me, while others do not. My preference is definitely rumbly and I think most people will agree that they are the best.

Anyway, later on through the year after the purchase of the We-Vibe Touch, I decided I wanted to up my game so I thought of wands.

Wands are known for their power, but not known for being discreet. So I was always reluctant to get one because I don’t live alone. But then I heard of the Lelo Smart Wand Large. Bloggers and people had said it was quiet, rumbly and powerful. So I was sold. And it really did exceed my expectations. It made me orgasm in ways I never knew I could. Nothing ever came close to comparing to it, it was amazing. I felt as if I had come into my own and finally understood, and I was learning along the way.

A couple of months went by and along the way I had accumulated more amazing toys and adult products, from dildos to vibrators to a new wand to nipple clamps/rings to butt plugs. I was exploring all aspects of my body and the pain/pleasure side of it all as well. I’ve gained so much knowledge, especially the important stuff like what materials to use and what materials to avoid. It definitely all was an eye opener and I’ve never felt closer to my body.

Using sex toys and adult products has actually given me more confidence and I feel happier and even sexy. It’s strange how something like that can make me feel happy and like I’ve got a new hobby. My journey is forever continuing.