Vixen Creations: VixSkin Johnny Review

“The sheer girth of this dildo makes my mouth fill up with saliva.”


The VixSkin Johnny is the type of dildo that just seems to demand attention to it. True, it doesn’t have anything particularly special about it like a fun colour or a certain defining feature, but what it does have, it does so well.  That girth, oh that girth! When I first started out with sex toys, I clearly was inexperienced and I wouldn’t go near a dildo of this size, (my poor vagina!). But I came to realise after a few months of using different sized dildos and vibrators, that I’m a bit of a size queen. And this is where the Johnny shines in that respect.

Who are Vixen Creations?:

So, before I get into the review, I thought it would be good to tell you a little bit about the company, Vixen Creations. They are an American company based in San Francisco and they produce handmade, platinum silicone dildos. I own two of their dildos, the Johnny and the Mustang. They are both made from Vixen Creations’, VixSkin material. VixSkin is 100% silicone that has a squishy outer layer and a hard inner core, to give you that ‘real-feel experience’. It’s divine.

First Impressions:

The Johnny is incredibly mouthwatering to look at, the sheer girth of this dildo makes my mouth fill up will saliva. It’s even having an effect on me now just by thinking about it. But I digress. The Johnny stands upright proudly at a 7.75 inches and the girth is a lip-biting, mouthwatering 5.75 inches in circumference. Johnny arrives in a plastic box, which is easily opened as you just pop it open and it’s great for storage as the Johnny is fairly large and it’s not exactly an easy dildo to store if you have no other means of storage, so it’s best to keep the packaging.

In terms of realism, the Johnny really looks quite realistic. There’s a wrinkled foreskin, raised veins along the shaft, and great, squishy, wrinkled BALLS. Mine is a creamy Caucasian colour, which is quite pleasing as it’s not too pale and I actually really like how it looks. It’s fucking meaty, that’s how I’ll describe it. The Johnny has a slight curve, it’s barely noticeable unless you look at the dildo in a certain angle but trust me, that curve may be really slight but it excels.

You might not be bothered much by this, or it could be a huge deal breaker for you, but there is no suction cup on the Johnny whatsoever. This doesn’t bother me personally as I prefer to thrust with my dildos, instead of riding them. But the base is completely flat so the Johnny doesn’t flop over if that’s a worry you had.

Like I mentioned earlier, this dildo is made out of VixSkin, to give it a scarily realistic feel. From just holding it in your hands straight out of the packaging, it obviously doesn’t feel all that much like a real cock because it hasn’t warmed up. But once it’s warmed up to room temperature or after you’ve given it a quick wash in the sink with some warm water, you’d think it was a real cock if you didn’t know you were holding a dildo.

The silicone itself has a slight tackiness to it and there’s some drag but all that is cured with a decent amount of (water based) lube. The Johnny is squishy in all its entirety but it is more firm on one side than it is on the other. Same as with the head, one side is more squishy than the other. This is by no means a negative, it’s actually quite interesting and unique as I’ve never known a dildo to be like the Johnny is.

The only real negative I’ve found with the Johnny is that it picks up dust, lint and dirt like no other. So just be wary if you decide to lay it down somewhere or if you have pets. As you can see in my pictures, it has a fair amount of fluff on it and I’ve found that it can get stuck in the details of the dildo. Like in the balls and the foreskin.

My experience with the Johnny:

Sometimes, an experience or an event is so good that words really can’t describe it. As cheesy as it sounds. But this is exactly how it was with the Johnny. I admit, even though I like my dildos on the slightly larger side, I was a bit apprehensive to try this dildo out. But I shouldn’t have worried. I think it’s down to how squishy and flexible the Johnny is to have made my experience as pleasurable as it was. When it’s inserted (after much lube drizzling and some slight pressure), it just curves with my body in the most natural way and fits me perfectly. The flexibility and the squishiness makes the Johnny feel extremely comfortable to insert. It stretches my vagina but in an incredibly delicious way, it never causes me any discomfort.

I do think that if it had been made from firm silicone, it would have been extremely difficult for me to insert and it would have caused me pain until my vagina got used to it. But thankfully, it isn’t like that. I don’t even need to warm up with anything, I can just lube up the Johnny and wham bam away. Thrusting with the Johnny is just fucking glorious. I really can’t describe it but the head just pounds repeatedly against my G-spot and I end up soaking my bed sheets every time I use the Johnny.

It does seem like the details in the shaft are just for show, unfortunately. Because I honestly can’t feel the veins once I’m thrusting away. But, the saving grace is the foreskin. It seems to tease around my vaginal opening when I nearly the remove the Johnny from my body, and it also rubs against my vaginal walls. It’s delicious and so fucking orgasmic.

The balls don’t provide any external stimulation for me and I don’t find that they get in the way of my manic thrusting at all. I did think they would because they’re quite big and so is the base but it’s extremely easy to use.


How do I feel about the VixSkin Johnny? Well it’s seriously my favourite dildo ever. The girth, the wrinkled foreskin and the beautiful, bulbous head. It’s a sexy fucking dildo and oh so meaty. I would get every one the Johnny because it is just perfect and using it results in me being a sweaty and soaked mess every damn time.

Where to buy?:

I got the Johnny from Lovehoney for £89.99. Yes, it is quite expensive but it’s so worth it. I think if you can afford it, then splurge on the Johnny. You won’t regret it.